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lend /lend/ verb (past tense and past participle lent /lent/)

Irregular Forms: (lent)

عاریه دادن ، قرض دادن ، وام دادن ، معطوف داشتن ، متوجه کردن ، متوجه شدن ، قانون ـ فقه: قرض دادن ، عاریه دادن اجاره دادن
- loan, advance
- add, bestow, confer, give, grant, impart, provide, supply
- lend itself to: suit, be appropriate, be serviceable
Related Words: lease-lend, lend-lease, allow, furnish, give, accommodate, oblige
English Thesaurus: lend, let somebody use something/let somebody have something, be on loa

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lend S3 W3 /lend/ verb (past tense and past participle lent /lent/)
[Language: Old English; Origin: lænan, from læn; loan1]

a) [transitive] to let someone borrow money or something that belongs to you for a short time ⇒ borrow
lend something to somebody
I lent my CD player to Dave and I haven’t got it back yet.
lend somebody something
The hospital agreed to lend us a wheelchair.
Can you lend me £10 until tomorrow?
b) [intransitive and transitive] if a bank or financial institution lends money, it lets someone have it on condition that they pay it back later, often gradually, with an additional amount as interest:
The government is trying to encourage the banks to lend more.
lend something to somebody
A lot of banks are unwilling to lend money to new businesses.
lend somebody something
The building society agreed to lend us £60,000.

2. lend (somebody) a hand to help someone do something, especially something that needs physical effort:
Can you lend me a hand with this?

3. [transitive] formal to give a situation, event etc a particular quality
lend something to something
The presence of members of the royal family lent a certain dignity to the ceremony.

4. lend an ear to listen to someone, especially in a sympathetic way:
He’s always prepared to lend a sympathetic ear.

5. lend itself to something to be suitable for being used in a particular way:
None of her books really lends itself to being made into a film.

6. lend (your) support (to something) to support or help someone:
The government has now lent its support to the campaign.

7. lend weight/support to something to make an opinion or belief seem more likely to be correct:
The police have new evidence which lends weight to their theory.

8. lend your name to something to announce publicly that you support something that someone is trying to do:
The French prime minister has now lent his name to the protest.

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ADV. kindly She very kindly lent me her bicycle.
VERB + LEND be prepared to, be willing to | refuse to, be unwilling to The bank was unwilling to lend him the money.
persuade sb to
PREP. to I've lent my car to George for the weekend.

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BAD: Could I lend your pen just for a minute?
GOOD: Could I borrow your pen just for a minute?

Usage Note:
See note at BORROW (borrow)

BAD: To lend a car, you have to have a driving licence.
GOOD: To hire a car, you have to have a driving licence.
BAD: We usually lend a villa so that we can cook for ourselves.
GOOD: We usually rent a villa so that we can cook for ourselves.

Usage Note:
See note at HIRE (hire)

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