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lucky /ˈlʌki/ adjective (comparative luckier, superlative luckiest)

خوش اقبال ، بختیار ، خوش یمن ، خوش قدم
Synonyms: fortunate, advantageous, blessed, charmed, favoured, jammy (Brit. slang), serendipitous, successful
Antonyms: luckless, unlucky
Contrasted words: baleful, malefic, maleficent, malign, sinister
Related Idioms: in luck
Related Words: auspicious, benign, favorable, propitious, advantageous, beneficial, profitable, felicitous
English Thesaurus: lucky, fortunate, it’s a good thing (that), miraculous, fortuitous, ...

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lucky S2 W3 /ˈlʌki/ adjective (comparative luckier, superlative luckiest)
[Word Family: adjective: luckyunlucky, luckless; noun: luck; adverb: luckilyunluckily]

1. having good luck Synonym : fortunate Antonym : unlucky
be lucky to do/be something
The children were lucky to survive the fire which destroyed their home.
lucky enough to do something
those of us lucky enough to own our own homes
lucky if
I’ll be lucky if I get any of my money back.
lucky (that)
I was tremendously lucky that I didn’t die in the accident.
lucky with
We’ve been very lucky with the weather.
count/consider/think yourself lucky
Count yourself lucky you’ve got a husband like Jack.
get lucky (=be lucky on a particular occasion)
You might get lucky and find a bargain.

2. resulting from good luck:
I didn’t really know your name – it was just a lucky guess.
A middle-aged woman had a lucky escape when a tree crashed down onto her car.
it is lucky (that)
It’s lucky that no-one was hurt.

3. bringing good luck:
a lucky charm

4. lucky you/me etc spoken used to say that someone is fortunate to be able to do something:
‘My husband’s a rich man, and devoted to me.’ ‘Lucky you.’

5. be sb’s lucky day spoken used to say that something good and often unexpected will happen to someone:
We’re going to win. I just know it’s our lucky day

6. you’ll/you’d be lucky! spoken used to tell someone that what they want probably will not happen:
‘£50 should be enough.’ ‘You’ll be lucky!’

7. I/you should be so lucky! spoken used to tell someone that what they want is not likely to happen, especially because it is unreasonable:
You want three weeks holiday? You should be so lucky!
strike it lucky at strike1(19), ⇒ thank your lucky stars at thank(3), ⇒ third time lucky at third1(2)

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VERBS be | get, strike (it) (both informal) hoping that some day she'll get lucky and win the jackpot
consider/count/think youself He considered himself lucky to have had the opportunity.
ADV. bloody (taboo), damn/damned, dead, exceedingly, extraordinarily, extremely, incredibly, really, remarkably, terribly, very She is incredibly lucky to be alive.
a bit, fairly, pretty, quite We've been pretty lucky so far.
PREP. for It was lucky for you that no one saw you.
with We certainly struck it lucky with the weather.

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feel lucky
I feel so incredibly lucky to have had that experience.
get lucky informal (=be lucky)
They’re not a great team - they just got lucky.
count/consider/think yourself lucky (=believe that you are lucky in a particular situation)
You should count yourself lucky you weren’t seriously hurt.
strike (it) lucky informal (=be lucky)
I applied for twenty jobs before I struck lucky.
extremely/exceedingly/incredibly lucky (=very lucky)
Police say it was extremely lucky that no one was killed.
dead lucky informal (=very lucky)
I was dead lucky to find a parking space right away.
pretty lucky informal (=lucky, but not extremely lucky)
We were pretty lucky with the weather on this holiday.
a lucky winner
The lucky winner of the competition will be announced next week.
a lucky man/woman/boy/girl
Your son’s a lucky man, having a father like you.
the lucky ones (=lucky people, especially when compared to others who suffered)
They considered themselves the lucky ones because they escaped with only minor injuries.
be lucky enough to do something (=have the good luck to do something)
I was lucky enough to be selected for the school team.

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See: thank one's lucky stars

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