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unlucky /ʌnˈlʌki/ adjective (comparative unluckier, superlative unluckiest)

شوم ، تیره بخت ، بخت برگشته ، بدیمن ، بدشگون
- unfortunate, cursed, hapless, luckless, miserable, unhappy, wretched
- ill-fated, doomed, inauspicious, ominous, unfavourable
Antonyms: lucky
Contrasted words: fortunate, happy, providential, prosperous, successful, coming, made
Related Idioms: down on one's luck, out of luck
Related Words: calamitous, cataclysmic, catastrophic, dire, disastrous, tragical
English Thesaurus: unlucky, unfortunate, be/bring bad luck, jinxe

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unlucky /ʌnˈlʌki/ adjective (comparative unluckier, superlative unluckiest)
[Word Family: adjective: luckyunlucky, luckless; noun: luck; adverb: luckilyunluckily]

1. having bad luck ⇒ misfortune
unlucky to do something
Inter Milan were unlucky to lose the match.
unlucky with
We were unlucky with the weather this weekend. It rained constantly.
Thierry Henry was desperately unlucky not to score when his shot hit the post.

2. causing bad luck:
Some people think black cats are unlucky.

3. happening as a result of bad luck Synonym : unfortunate:
an unlucky accident
It was unlucky for Stephen that the boss happened to walk in just at that moment.
—unluckily adverb

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VERBS be, prove, seem, sound | become | consider sb/sth, regard sb/sth as, think sb/sth The number thirteen is traditionally considered unlucky.
ADV. dead, desperately, extremely, very She was desperately unlucky to fall as badly as she did.
a bit, a little
PREP. for a date that is unlucky for that family
with She has been very unlucky with injuries this year.

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