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mindful /ˈmaɪndfəl/ adjective

متفکر ، اندیشناک ، در فکر
Synonyms: aware, alert, alive to, careful, conscious, heedful, wary, watchful
Antonyms: unmindful, mindless
Contrasted words: heedless, inattentive
Related Words: attentive, conscientious, aware, cognizant, conscious, conversant, sensible, alert, vigilant, watchful

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mindful /ˈmaɪndfəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: mind, minder, reminder; adjective: mindless, minded, mindful; verb: mind, remind; adverb: mindlessly]
mindful of something formal remembering a particular rule or fact and thinking about it when you are making decisions about what to do Synonym : conscious of:
The school is mindful of its responsibilities towards all the children.

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