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remind /rɪˈmaɪnd/ verb [transitive]

یاداوری کردن ، یاداور شدن ، بیاد اوردن
Synonyms: call to mind, jog one's memory, make (someone) remember, prompt
Related Idioms: put in mind
Related Words: hint, imply, intimate, suggest, admonish, advise, warn, jog, prompt

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remind S1 W2 /rɪˈmaɪnd/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: mind, minder, reminder; adjective: mindless, minded, mindful; verb: mind, remind; adverb: mindlessly]

1. to make someone remember something that they must do:
Yes, I’ll be there. Thanks for reminding me.
remind somebody about something
The girls constantly had to be reminded about their chores.
remind somebody to do something
Remind me to buy some milk tonight.
remind somebody (that)
Mrs Welland reminded her son that they still had several people to see.
that reminds me (=used when something has just made you remember something you were going to say or do)
Oh, that reminds me, I saw Jenny in town today.
remind yourself
I reminded myself to watch them closely.
He made a few notes to remind himself of what he wanted to say.

2. to make someone remember someone that they know or something that happened in the past
remind somebody of something
That song always reminds me of our first date.
remind somebody (of) what/how etc
I was reminded how lucky I was.

3. don’t remind me spoken used in a joking way when someone has mentioned something that embarrasses or annoys you:
‘We’ve got a test tomorrow.’ ‘Don’t remind me!’

4. let me remind you/may I remind you (that) spoken formal used to emphasize a warning or criticism:
Let me remind you that you are expected to arrive on time.
remind somebody of somebody/something phrasal verb [not in progressive]
to seem similar to someone or something else:
The landscape reminded her of Scotland.
Corinne reminds me of myself when I was her age.

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ADV. constantly, frequently, repeatedly | gently She gently reminded him that the baby was getting cold and should be taken indoors.
VERB + REMIND not have to, not need to I'm sure I don't need to remind you that we have lost our last ten matches.
serve to An event like this serves to remind us that we do not have control over nature.
PREP. about I rang to remind him about the party.
of She looked at her watch to remind him of the time.
PHRASES keep reminding sb PHRASAL VERBS remind sb of sb/sth
ADV. forcefully, forcibly, sharply, strongly, vividly The building reminded me strongly of my old school.
irresistibly | suddenly I was suddenly reminded of a tiger defending its cubs.
always Mrs Nolan always reminded Marie of her own mother.

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BAD: I remind the happy days we spent together at college.
GOOD: I remember the happy days we spent together at college.

Usage Note:
remind = cause (someone) to remember something: 'The smell of fresh coffee always reminds me of Salvo's.'
Compare: 'Whenever I look at the photograph, I am reminded of the happy days we spent together at college.'

BAD: The flowers reminded him his garden.
GOOD: The flowers reminded him of his garden.

Usage Note:
remind sb of sth = cause someone to think about something: 'She reminds me of a girl I knew when I was at school.' 'As the horse came closer, I was suddenly reminded of my first riding lesson and a little pony called Duke.'

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