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momentous /məʊˈmentəs, mə- $ moʊ-, mə-/ adjective

مهم ، خطیر ، واجب ، با اهمیت
Synonyms: significant, critical, crucial, fateful, historic, important, pivotal, vital, weighty
Antonyms: trivial
English Thesaurus: important, big, significant, noteworthy, essential, ...

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momentous /məʊˈmentəs, mə- $ moʊ-, mə-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: moment, momentum; adjective: momentary, momentous; adverb: momentarily]
a momentous event, change, or decision is very important because it will have a great influence on the future:
a momentous decision
Momentous events are taking place in the US.
His colleagues all recognized that this was a momentous occasion.
one of the most momentous days in British sport

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