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necessarily /ˈnesəsərəli, ˈnesɪsərəli, ˌnesəˈserəli $ ˌnesəˈserəli/ adverb

Synonyms: certainly, automatically, compulsorily, incontrovertibly, inevitably, inexorably, naturally, of necessity, undoubtedly

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necessarily S2 W2 /ˈnesəsərəli, ˈnesɪsərəli, ˌnesəˈserəli $ ˌnesəˈserəli/ adverb
[Word Family: noun: necessity, the necessaries, the necessary; verb: necessitate; adverb: necessarilyunnecessarily; adjective: necessaryunnecessary]

1. not necessarily possibly, but not certainly:
That is not necessarily true.
Expensive restaurants aren’t necessarily the best.
Having this disease does not necessarily mean that you will die young.
‘So the school will have to close down, then?’ ‘Not necessarily.’

2. formal in a way that cannot be different or be avoided Synonym : inevitably:
The care of old people necessarily involves quite a lot of heavy lifting.

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