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necessity /nəˈsesəti, nɪˈsesəti/ noun (plural necessities)

اضطرار ، بایستگی ، ضرورت ، نیازمندی ، لزوم ، احتیاج ، قانون ـ فقه: مقتضی ، در CL به حالاتی اطلاق می شود که عامل عمل به علت عدم ازادی اراده مسئول اعمال خود نیست ، روانشناسی: الزام
- inevitability, compulsion, inexorableness, obligation
- need, desideratum, essential, fundamental, prerequisite, requirement, requisite, sine qua non
Related Words: coercion, compulsion, constraint, duress, obligation, indispensableness, needfulness, requisiteness

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necessity /nəˈsesəti, nɪˈsesəti/ noun (plural necessities)
[Word Family: noun: necessity, the necessaries, the necessary; verb: necessitate; adverb: necessarilyunnecessarily; adjective: necessaryunnecessary]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: necessité, from Latin necessitas, from necesse; necessary]

1. [countable] something that you need to have in order to live Antonym : luxury:
She saw books as a necessity, not a luxury.
A car is an absolute necessity if you live in the country.
the basic/bare necessities
A lot of families cannot even afford to buy the basic necessities of life.

2. [uncountable] when something is necessary
necessity for
He emphasized the necessity for good planning and management.
the necessity of (doing) something
This illustrates the necessity of keeping accurate records of your work.
Many teachers are now questioning the necessity of formal exams.
through/out of necessity
He only remained with the group out of necessity.
economic/practical/political etc necessity
I’m afraid it’s become a matter of economic necessity.

3. [countable] something that must happen, even if it is unpleasant:
Taxes are a regrettable necessity.

4. of necessity formal used when something happens in a particular way because that is the only possible way it can happen:
Many of the jobs are, of necessity, temporary.

5. necessity is the mother of invention used to say that if someone really needs to do something, they will find a way of doing it

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I. fact that sth must happen; sth that cannot be avoided
ADJ. overwhelming, sheer | absolute | fundamental, vital | real | dire, pressing, urgent | immediate | strategic | logical, physical, practical The people in the rural areas use mud bricks only as an immediate, practical necessity.
commercial, economic, financial, historical, military, political, social He argued that nuclear weapons were a political necessity.
VERB + NECESSITY recognize, see She saw the necessity to make an immediate impression on him.
accept (sth as), be convinced of They have accepted the necessity of greater state intervention.
avoid, obviate, remove, spare | emphasize, highlight, stress Observers stressed the necessity for the ceasefire to be observed.
be born (out) of Culling of the animals was born out of the necessity for successful conservation.
NECESSITY + VERB arise These animals don't like water but will swim if the necessity arises.
demand (sth) Where necessity demands, we can seat more guests in the gallery.
force sth Necessity forced an urgent solution.
PREP. of ~ The visit will, of necessity, be brief.
out of ~ He is changing job out of necessity, not because he particularly wants to.
through ~ Most of the women are forced, through economic necessity, to work in part-time low-paid jobs.
without the ~ of You can dial direct without the necessity of going through the operator.
~ for There's no necessity for you to come.
~ to the necessity to earn a living
PHRASES any/no necessity The company sees no necessity for a more cautious approach to investment.

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II. sth you must have
ADJ. absolute | vital | real | urgent Policies which address these issues are an urgent necessity.
bare, basic They have nothing but the barest necessities. | daily
VERB + NECESSITY have | lack
PHRASES a necessity of life Food is a necessity of life.

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BAD: It was then that I felt the necessity to improve my English.
GOOD: It was then that I felt the need to improve my English.

Usage Note:
If something is a necessity , you must have it or do it, or it must happen:
'If you saw the terrible conditions in which these people are living, you would appreciate the necessity to step up foreign aid.' 'For anyone who runs a large business, a computer is an absolute necessity.'
Need has a similar meaning to necessity but it is also used in connection with something that you want to do/have/happen (although it is not essential): 'I began to feel the need for a change of life style.' 'Don't you ever feel the need to do something more creative?'

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See: make a virtue of necessity , of necessity

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