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night /naɪt/ noun [uncountable and countable]

غروب ، شب هنگام ، برنامه شبانه ، تاریکی
Synonyms: darkness, dark, night-time
Contrasted words: day, daytime

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night S1 W1 /naɪt/ noun [uncountable and countable]
[Word Family: noun: night, midnight, nightie; adverb: overnight, nightly; adjective: nightly, overnight]
[Language: Old English; Origin: niht]

1. WHEN IT IS DARK the dark part of each 24-hour period when the sun cannot be seen and when most people sleep Antonym : day:
It was a cold moonlit night.
I didn’t sleep too well last night.
at night
At night the temperature drops below zero.
in/during the night
He woke up twice during the night.
by night
Many animals hunt by night.
(on) Friday night/that night etc
There was a storm on Friday night.
Use at night when talking about what generally or regularly happens then:
The noise of the traffic keeps me awake at night.
Use in the night when talking about an event that happens at some time during the night:
There had been heavy rain in the night.
Use by night to say what a person or animal does at night:
We travelled by night.
When you are mentioning a time before midnight, use at night:
ten o'clock at night
When you are mentioning a time after midnight, use in the morning:
four in the morning

2. EVENING the time during the evening until you go to bed:
We had a really good meal last night.
They stay in and watch television every night.
She recognised him from the night before (=the previous evening).
My parents are coming for dinner tomorrow night.
Friday/Saturday etc night
There’s a party at Ben’s place on Saturday night.
We were on our way back from a night out (=an evening when you go to a party, restaurant, theatre etc) at the theatre.
Anna doesn’t like him walking home late at night.
quiz night/student night etc (=an evening when a particular event happens, especially at a bar, club etc)

3. nights if you do something nights, you do it regularly or often at night:
I work nights, so I’m usually asleep during the day.

4. night! spoken used to say goodbye to someone when it is late in the evening or when they are going to bed Synonym : good night:
Night! See you tomorrow!

5. night night! spoken used to say goodbye to someone, especially a child, when they are going to bed

6. night and day/day and night all the time:
The store is guarded day and night.
We had to work night and day to get it finished.

7. night or day/day or night at any time:
You can call me any time, night or day.

8. night after night every night for a long period:
He’s out drinking night after night.

9. first night/opening night the first performance of a play or show ⇒ premiere:
We saw ‘Riverdance’ on its opening night.

10. spend the night with somebody/spend the night together to sleep with someone and have sex with them:
And you thought we spent the night together?

11. a good night’s sleep a night when you sleep well:
You’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep.

12. (have a) late/early night to go to bed later or earlier than usual:
I think I’ll have an early night.late-night

13. last thing at night at the end of the day, just before you go to bed:
You should water plants either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

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I. when it is dark and most people sleep
ADJ. last, tomorrow | Friday, Saturday, etc. | early, late I think I'll have an early night (= go to bed early).
long | winter, etc. | bad, restless, sleepless | black, dark | clear, moonlit, starlit, starry | cold, stormy | wedding
VERB + NIGHT have | spend They spent the night in Bristol.
stay Ask your Mum if you can stay the night.
NIGHT + VERB fall When it came the night fell quickly.
progress, wear on As the night wore on it grew colder.
NIGHT + NOUN air, sky | duty, shift
PREP. at ~ lying awake at night
by ~ Paris by night
during/in the ~ I woke in the night.
for a/the ~, on Friday, etc. ~, per ~ The hotel costs £65 per person per night.
through/throughout the ~
PHRASES all night long, at this time of night, day and night/night and day (= all the time), a good night's sleep, good night She kissed him good night.
in the dead of night (= in the middle of the night), morning, noon and night (= all the time)

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II. time between late afternoon and when you go to bed
ADJ. last, tomorrow | Friday, Saturday, etc. | the other I saw her the other night (= a few nights ago).
NIGHT + NOUN school
PREP. at ~ She doesn't like to walk home late at night.
by ~, on Friday, etc. ~

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III. evening when a special event happens
ADJ. first, opening | last the last night of the play's run
big, great, memorable | dance, election, quiz
PHRASES make a night of it They decided to make a night of it and went on to a club.
a night out Fancy a night out?

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last night
It rained last night.
tomorrow night
I should be back by tomorrow night.
Friday/Saturday etc night
I haven't seen him since Thursday night.
an early night (=when you go to bed early)
I'm really tired - I need an early night.
a late night (=when you go to bed late)
We had a late night last night.
a long night (=a night when you do not sleep or you work hard)
Everyone was tired and grumpy. It had been a long night.
a sleepless night
She had spent a sleepless night wondering what to do.
spend a night somewhere (=sleep somewhere)
We spent two nights at the Grand Hotel.
stay the night (=sleep at someone's house)
You're welcome to stay the night if you like.
have a bad night (=not sleep well, especially when you are ill)
I had a bad night last night.
night falls written (=it starts to become dark)
It grew colder as night fell.
the night wears on (=continues)
The pain gradually got better as the night wore on.
the night sky
We looked up at the stars in the night sky.
the night air
The night air was scented with pine wood.
a night train/bus/flight
I took the night train to Fort William.
all night
He looked as if he'd been up all night.
all night long (=used to emphasize that something continues for the whole night)
The noise continued all night long!
late at night
We often get to bed very late at night.
at this time of night (=used when something happens very late at night, and you are surprised)
Why are you calling me at this time of night?
late/far into the night (=until very late at night)
Staff worked late into the night to make necessary repairs.
in the middle of the night
She woke up suddenly in the middle of the night.
in/at the dead of night literary (=in the middle of the night when it is quiet)
He drove through the countryside in the dead of night.
day and night/night and day (=all the time)
The phones rang day and night.
morning, noon, and night (=all the time)
She nagged at him morning, noon, and night.

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BAD: I don't like driving in the night.
GOOD: I don't like driving at night.
BAD: It was about nine o'clock in the night when we heard a noise outside.
GOOD: It was about nine o'clock at night when we heard a noise outside.

BAD: 'Where were you in the night of June 3rd?' he asked.
GOOD: 'Where were you on the night of June 3rd?' he asked.

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