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midnight /ˈmɪdnaɪt/ noun [uncountable]

نیمه شب ، نصف شب ، دل شب ، تاریکی عمیق ، علوم نظامی: فرمان از کنترل نزدیک به دور تغییر فرکانس بدهید در رهگیری هوایی
Synonyms: twelve o'clock, dead of night, middle of the night, the witching hour

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midnight S3 /ˈmɪdnaɪt/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: night, midnight, nightie; adverb: overnight, nightly; adjective: nightly, overnight]
12 o'clock at night ⇒ midday
at midnight
The train is due in at midnight.
after/before midnight
We stayed there until way after midnight.
You can’t phone her now – it’s gone midnight (=after midnight)!
By the time he arrived, it was well past midnight (=after midnight).
at/on the stroke of midnight (=at exactly midnight)
The treaty will come into force on the stroke of midnight tonight.
He’s gone for a midnight swim.
Do not say ‘in the midnight’. If you mean ‘at 12 o’clock at night' say at midnight and if you mean ‘very late at night’ say in the middle of the night.
burn the midnight oil at burn1(20)

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VERB + MIDNIGHT chime, strike The church clock struck midnight.
MIDNIGHT + VERB chime, strike Downstairs in the hall, midnight struck.
MIDNIGHT + NOUN feast | blue
PREP. around ~, at ~, by ~
PHRASES on the stroke of midnight On the stroke of midnight, Prince Charming turned back into a rat.

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BAD: Her plane is due to land in about midnight.
GOOD: Her plane is due to land at about midnight.

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