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nine /naɪn/ number

بخش 9 گلف ، عدد نه ، نه عدد ، نه تا ، نه نفر ، نه چیز ، نه تایی ، ورزش: قسمت اول یا دوم زمین 18 بخشی گلف
کامپیوتر: نه

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nine /naɪn/ number
[Language: Old English; Origin: nigon]

1. the number 9:
He’s only been in this job for nine months.
We open at nine (=nine o'clock).
Kay was taught by her mother till she was nine (=nine years old).

2. nine times out of ten almost always:
Nine times out of ten we can solve the problem over the phone.

3. a nine days’ wonder a thing or event that makes people very excited for a short time

4. have nine lives to make lucky escapes from dangerous situations
dressed up to the nines at dressed(4), ⇒ be on cloud nine at cloud1(5)

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See: cat has nine lives , on cloud nine

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