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opener /ˈəʊpənə $ ˈoʊpənər/ noun [countable]

نخستین مسابقه از یک دور مسابقه ، مسابقه نخست از دو مسابقه متوالی ، باز کننده ، گشاینده ، افتتاح کننده ، مفتاح ، باز کن ، ورزش: هر کدام از دو توپزن اول بازی کریکت
opener /ˈəʊpənə $ ˈoʊpənər/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: the open, opener, opening, openness; adjective: open, opening, unopened; verb: open; adverb: openly]

1. a tool that is used to open cans, bottles etc:
a can opener
a bottle opener

2. the first of a series of games in a sports competition:
They are hoping to win tomorrow’s opener against New Zealand.

3. for openers
a) British English as a beginning or first stage Synonym : to begin with:
For openers, the band played a couple of old Beatles songs.
b) American English used to give one reason, explanation etc for something, although there are others you might mention later too:
It’s tough being a reporter. For openers, there are the long hours.

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