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openness /ˈəʊpənnəs, ˈəʊpənnɪs $ ˈoʊ-/ noun [uncountable]

بازی ، اشکاری ، ازادی
Synonyms: exposure, liability, vulnerability, vulnerableness

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openness /ˈəʊpənnəs, ˈəʊpənnɪs $ ˈoʊ-/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: the open, opener, opening, openness; adjective: open, opening, unopened; verb: open; adverb: openly]

1. the quality of being honest and willing to talk about things
openness of
the openness of American society
openness about
her openness about her problems

2. the quality of being willing to accept new ideas or people
openness to/towards
the importance of openness to change

3. the quality of not being enclosed
openness of
the vast openness of the African plains

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ADJ. greater, more There is a need for greater openness in government.
VERB + OPENNESS demonstrate, show
PREP. ~ about her openness about her marital problems
~ to/towards He demonstrated an openness to change.

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