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opposed /əˈpəʊzd $ əˈpoʊzd/ adjective [not before noun]

ضد ، متضاد ، مقابل ، روبرو ، مواجه ، علوم هوایی: متقابل
Synonyms: averse, antagonistic, clashing, conflicting, contrary, dissentient, hostile

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opposed /əˈpəʊzd $ əˈpoʊzd/ adjective [not before noun]
[Word Family: adjective: opposedunopposed, opposing, opposite; noun: opposition, opposite; verb: oppose; adverb: opposite]

1. be opposed to something to disagree with something such as a plan or system:
Most of us are opposed to the death penalty.

2. two ideas that are opposed to each other are completely different from each other:
The principles of capitalism and socialism are diametrically opposed (=completely opposite).

3. as opposed to something used to compare two things and show that they are different from each other:
Students discuss ideas, as opposed to just copying from books.

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I. opposed to disagreeing strongly with sth
VERBS be | remain
ADV. adamantly, bitterly, deeply, fiercely, firmly, fundamentally, implacably, profoundly, resolutely, strongly, vehemently, very (much), violently | absolutely, categorically, completely, directly, totally, utterly, wholly | largely | actively, openly, publicly the party most openly opposed to military rule

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II. very different from sth
VERBS be, seem, stand | remain
ADV. completely, diametrically, directly, entirely, fundamentally, utterly Our views are diametrically opposed on this issue.
mutually The two sets of values seemed mutually opposed.
PREP. to The path he saw himself taking in his research seemed directly opposed to the ethos of the department.

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