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opposition /ˌɒpəˈzɪʃən $ ˌɑːp-/ noun

تناقض ، تقابل ، اقلیت ، دشمنی ، ضدیت ، مخالفت ، مقاومت ، تضاد ، مقابله ، معماری: تقابل ، قانون ـ فقه: با the گروه اقلیت در مجلس ، روانشناسی: مخالفت ، نجوم: مقابله ، ورزش: حرکت شمشیرباز ضمن تماس با شمشیر حریف تقابل ، علوم نظامی: مخالفت
- hostility, antagonism, competition, disapproval, obstruction, prevention, resistance, unfriendliness
- opponent, antagonist, competition, foe, other side, rival
English Thesaurus: opposition, objection, antagonism, hostility, antipathy, ...

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opposition S3 W2 /ˌɒpəˈzɪʃən $ ˌɑːp-/ noun
[Word Family: adjective: opposedunopposed, opposing, opposite; noun: opposition, opposite; verb: oppose; adverb: opposite]

1. [uncountable] strong disagreement with, or protest against, something such as a plan, law, or system
opposition to
There was a great deal of opposition to the war.
opposition from
They face opposition from local residents as well as from environmentalists.
He is confident in his ability to overcome all opposition with his personal charm.
The proposals have aroused the opposition of teachers.
Strong opposition resulted in rejection of the bill.
Plans to turn the site into a £600 million leisure complex have met with stiff opposition.
Much public opposition to the new law remained.
Workers found themselves in opposition to local interests.

2. the opposition in some countries such as Britain, the main political party in Parliament that is not part of the government:
the leader of the Opposition
the three main opposition parties

3. in opposition in some countries such as Britain, a political party that is in opposition is in Parliament, but is not part of the government:
The Socialists were elected to power after ten years in opposition.

4. [C,U also + plural verb British English] the people who you are competing against:
They played well against good opposition.

5. [uncountable and countable] formal when two things are completely opposite
opposition between
the opposition between capitalism and socialism

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I. disagreeing with sth/trying to change it
ADJ. bitter, considerable, determined, fierce, stiff, strong, vehement | violent | growing, mounting | effective, powerful | direct a statement in direct opposition to party policy
active | organized | political | public | widespread
VERB + OPPOSITION express | mount, put up They mounted an effective opposition to the bill.
arouse | crush, overcome, stifle, suppress, wear down | be/come/run up against, encounter, face, meet (with), run into He is up against stiff opposition from his colleagues.
brook We will brook no opposition to the strategy.
strengthen | weaken
OPPOSITION + VERB come from sb Opposition came primarily from students.
OPPOSITION + NOUN force, group, movement
PREP. against/in the face of ~ She won against determined opposition from last year's champion.
despite/in spite of ~ The authorities succeeded despite bitter opposition from teachers.
in ~ to The warring factions had united in opposition to the common enemy.
~ from The proposals met with violent opposition from the environmental lobby.
~ to There was fierce public opposition to the plan.

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II. (usuallythe Opposition) parties not in government
OPPOSITION + NOUN party | candidate, leader, member, MP, politician, spokesman | bench
PREP. in ~ The Conservative Party is now in opposition.
PHRASES the Leader of the Opposition

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strong opposition (=disagreement that someone feels strongly)
The scheme has met with strong opposition from local people.
fierce/intense/stiff opposition (=strong opposition)
It is certain that there will be fierce opposition to the changes.
violent/vehement opposition (=showing extremely strong angry feelings)
The 2,000-strong congress met the violent opposition of left-wingers.
There has been vehement opposition from the fishing industry.
considerable opposition (=quite a lot of opposition)
The development went ahead in spite of considerable opposition.
growing/mounting opposition (=opposition that is increasing)
There was growing opposition to the war.
local opposition
It took three years to overcome local opposition from environmentalists.
widespread opposition (=opposition from many people or in many places)
Journalists have reported widespread opposition to the regime.
public opposition
Public opposition has blocked the building of nuclear power stations.
organized opposition (=protest that people express by working together in an organized way)
The proposal was passed with no organized opposition.
face opposition (=experience opposition that has to be dealt with)
The proposal faced opposition from road safety campaigners.
meet (with) opposition/run into opposition (=face opposition)
A new tax would meet a lot of opposition.
The Bill ran into opposition in the House of Lords.
encounter opposition (=find that there is opposition)
The police encountered little opposition, and restored order within the hour.
express (your) opposition
Parents expressed their opposition to the tests.
overcome opposition (=deal with opposition so that it no longer exists)
Nothing he said could overcome their opposition.
arouse opposition/arouse the opposition of somebody (=make someone feel disagreement)
A plan to build on farm land aroused local opposition.
opposition comes from somebody
The strongest opposition came from Republican voters.

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