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opt /ɒpt $ ɑːpt/ verb [intransitive]

برگزیدن ، انتخاب کردن
کامپیوتر: مخفف عبارات یر: ، Option به معنی گزینه ها ، Open Protocol Technology ، Optimized Production Technology یعنی فناوری تولید بهینه

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Synonyms: often with for
choose, decide (on), elect, go for, plump for, prefer

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opt /ɒpt $ ɑːpt/ verb [intransitive]
[Word Family: verb: opt, coopt; noun: option; adverb: optionally; adjective: optional]
[Date: 1800-1900; Language: French; Origin: opter, from Latin optare 'to choose']
to choose one thing or do one thing instead of another
opt for
We finally opted for the wood finish.
opt to do something
Many young people are opting to go on to college.
opt in phrasal verb
to decide to join a group or system
opt in to
Employees have the choice to opt in to the scheme.
opt out phrasal verb

1. to avoid doing a duty
opt out of
You can’t just opt out of all responsibility for the child!

2. to decide not to be part of a group or system
opt out of
Britain wants to opt out of the new European regulations.

3. if a school or hospital in Britain opts out, it decides to control the money that it is given by the government, instead of being controlled by local government

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