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option /ˈɒpʃən $ ˈɑːp-/ noun

خیارات (در جمع) ، حق انتخاب ، اختیار خرید یا فروش ، گزینه ، انتخاب ، خصیصه اختیاری ، ازادی ، اظهار میل ، قانون ـ فقه: خیار ، شق انتخاب شده ، روانشناسی: اختیار ، بازرگانی: اختیار معامله ، ترجیح ، ورزش: حق باشگاه در تمدید قرارداد
کامپیوتر: گزینه

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Synonyms: choice, alternative, preference, selection
Related Words: prerogative, privilege, right
English Thesaurus: choice, choice of, have a choice, have no choice but to do something, wide choice, ...

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option S1 W2 AC /ˈɒpʃən $ ˈɑːp-/ noun
[Word Family: verb: opt, coopt; noun: option; adverb: optionally; adjective: optional]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: Latin optio 'free choice']

1. CHOICE [countable] a choice you can make in a particular situation ⇒ optional:
There are a number of options available.
He had two options.
This was not the only option open to him.
option for
a range of options for cutting costs
one/another option is to do something
Another option is to rent somewhere for six months.
option of doing something
She had the option of staying for an extra year.
Teenage mothers often have no option but to (=have no other choice except to) live with their parents.

2. keep/leave your options open to wait before making a decision:
I’m keeping all my options open for the moment.

3. COMPUTERS [countable] one of the possible choices you can make when using computer software:
Select an option from the main menu.
a list of options

4. easy option (also soft option British English) the choice which will be the least difficult, least strict, or need the least effort, which someone might choose because they are lazy:
Is community service just a soft option for criminals?

5. RIGHT TO BUY/SELL [countable] formal the right to buy or sell something in the future
option on
The government has agreed to buy 20 planes, with an option on a further 10.
Connor now owns 302,000 shares and options.

6. AT SCHOOL/UNIVERSITY [countable] British English one of the subjects that you can choose to study at school for an examination, or as part of a course at a college or university:
advice on choosing your options

7. SOMETHING ADDITIONAL [countable] something that is offered in addition to the standard equipment when you buy something new, especially a car

8. first option the chance to buy or get something before anyone else
first option on
They’ve agreed to give us the first option on their apartment.

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I. freedom to choose
VERB + OPTION have You have the option of taking your holiday early.
give sb
PREP. with/without the ~ of He was jailed without the option of a fine.
PHRASES have little/no option but to We had no option but to leave without them.

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II. sth you choose/can choose
ADJ. available, possible, viable | real, realistic | attractive, good Deciding on your best option is not easy.
preferred | practical | easy, soft He thought General Studies would be a soft option.
cheap | expensive | policy | menu (on a computer)
VERB + OPTION choose, exercise, select, take Look at the on-screen menu and select the ‘File’ option.
give sb, offer (sb) | limit | look at Let's look at all the options available.
PHRASES keep/leave your options open (= to avoid making a decision now so that you still have a choice later)

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III. right to buy/sell sth at some time in the future
ADJ. first | share, stock
VERB + OPTION have | exercise, take (up) She took up an option in her contract to buy three million shares.
PREP. ~ on He's promised me first option on his car.

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have an option
At the moment, children have the option of leaving school at 16.
In a situation like this, you have two options.
give/offer somebody an option
Some employees were given the option of retiring early.
Buyers will usually be offered the option of paying in instalments.
choose an option
Fewer women are choosing the option of motherhood.
go for an option (=choose an option)
Which option do you think they'll go for?
take (up) an option (=choose an option )
America was persuaded not to take up the option of military action.
look at an option (=consider an option)
You have to look at every option as your business develops.
limit your options (=limit what you can choose to do)
If you don’t go to college, it may limit your options.
a good/better option
Renting a house may be a better option than buying.
an attractive option (=one that sounds or is good)
If time is short, taking the car to northern France is an attractive option.
a realistic/real/serious option (=something that you can really choose to do)
I wanted to start my own business but financially it was never a realistic option.
a viable/practical option (=something you can choose that will be successful)
Surgery may be a viable option when all else fails.
a popular option
Independent sixth-form colleges are becoming a popular option.
a cheap option
We urgently need to find a cheaper option than oil or gas.
a safe option (=one that involves no risk)
A special savings account can be a safe option.
sb’s preferred option formal (=the option someone likes best)
The new scheme appears to be the airport management’s preferred option.
an easy option (also a soft option British English) (=a choice which is not difficult, or which needs the least effort)
For most people, divorce is never an easy option.
an option is open/available to somebody (=a particular choice is available to someone)
Giving a prison sentence is only one of the options open to the judge.
keep/leave your options open (=to not limit what you can choose to do later)
Studying a broad range of subjects helps to keep your options open.
have no/little option but to do something (=have no other choice than to do something)
I had no option but to fire him.
a range of options
The council is considering a range of options for improving the city’s transport system.

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