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paper /ˈpeɪpə $ -ər/ noun

درکاغذ پیچیدن ، روی کاغذ اوردن ، اوراق بهادار ، سفته برات ، ورقه مشخصات کشتی ، روزنامه ، مقاله ، جواز ، پروانه ، ورقه ، ورق کاغذ ، (بصورت جمع) اوراق ، روی کاغذ نوشتن ، یادداشت کردن ، با کاغذ پوشاندن ، علوم مهندسی: چاپ کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: مقاله
کامپیوتر: کاغذ

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- newspaper, daily, gazette, journal
- essay, article, dissertation, report, treatise
- papers: documents, certificates, deeds, records, letters, archive, diaries, documents, dossier, file, records
- wallpaper, hang
English Thesaurus: essay, paper, dissertation, thesis, last, ...

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I. paper1 S1 W1 /ˈpeɪpə $ -ər/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: papier, from Latin papyrus; papyrus]

1. FOR WRITING/WRAPPING [uncountable] material in the form of thin sheets that is used for writing on, wrapping things etc:
I’ll get you a piece of paper so you can write the number down.
Do you have a pen and paper?

2. NEWSPAPER [countable] a newspaper:
Have you seen today’s paper?
You’ll read about it in tomorrow’s papers.
the Sunday papers

3. DOCUMENTS/LETTERS papers [plural]
a) pieces of paper with writing on them that you use in your work, at meetings etc:
I left some important papers in my briefcase.
b) documents and letters concerning someone’s private or public life:
While I was organizing Simon’s papers I came across his diaries.
c) divorce papers documents concerning a divorce
d) official documents such as your passport, identity card etc:
My papers are all in order (=they are legal and correct).White Paper, green paper, order paper

4. on paper
a) if you put ideas or information on paper, you write them down
put/get something down on paper
You need to get some of these thoughts down on paper.
b) if something seems true on paper, it seems to be true as an idea, but may not be true in a real situation Synonym : in theory:
It’s a nice idea on paper, but you’ll never get it to work.

5. EXAMINATION [countable] British English a set of printed questions used as an examination in a particular subject, and the answers people write:
an exam paper
I have a stack of papers to mark.
history/French etc paper
The geography paper was really easy.

6. SPEECH/PIECE OF WRITING [countable] a piece of writing or a talk on a particular subject by someone who has made a study of it:
a scientific paper
paper on
a paper on psychology
Professor Usborne gave a paper on recent developments in his field.

7. PIECE OF SCHOOLWORK [countable] especially American English a piece of writing that is done as part of a course at school or university Synonym : essay
paper on
a paper on the Civil War

8. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION [countable] a report prepared by a government or committee on a question they have been considering or a proposal for changes in the law:
We will publish a discussion paper on the future of the BBC.
paper on
the 1998 White Paper on political reform
a working paper (=a report that is not final) on funding the Health Service

9. FOR WALLS [uncountable and countable] paper for covering and decorating the walls of a room Synonym : wallpaper:
a floral paper

10. FINANCIAL [uncountable and countable] stocks and shares that can be bought and sold on a financial market

11. TOILET [uncountable] soft thin paper used for cleaning yourself after you have used the toilet Synonym : toilet paper, toilet roll

12. not worth the paper it is written on/printed on if something such as a contract is not worth the paper it is written on, it has no value because whatever is promised in it will not happen
put/set pen to paper at pen1(3), ⇒ waste paper

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II. paper2 adjective [only before noun]

1. made of paper:
a paper bag

2. written or printed on paper:
The brochure is available in electronic and paper versions.

3. paper qualifications an expression meaning documents showing that you have passed particular examinations, used specially when you think that experience and knowledge are more important:
Paper qualifications are no guide to ability.

4. existing only as an idea but not having any real value:
paper profits (=a record of the value of something, that is not real until the thing is sold)
paper promises

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III. paper3 verb [transitive]

1. to decorate the walls of a room by covering them with special paper Synonym : wallpaper

2. paper over the cracks to try to hide disagreements or difficulties:
We need to discuss disagreements honestly without papering over the cracks.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. material
ADJ. thick, thin | see-through, transparent | plain, unlined | lined | graph, squared | A3, A4, etc. | foolscap | blank I stared at the blank paper, not knowing how to start the letter.
printed The Post Office has a special rate for printed paper.
brown, coloured a brown paper parcel of books
greaseproof, waxed | glossy, shiny | scrap, waste I made some notes on a piece of scrap paper.
computer, typing | writing | blotting | tracing | wrapping | crepe | tissue | photographic | filter | kitchen | toilet | cigarette a packet of cigarette papers
QUANT. bit, piece, scrap, sheet, slip, strip I scribbled down his number on a scrap of paper.
roll a roll of kitchen paper
side The essay filled seven sides of A4 paper.
VERB + PAPER fold Fold the paper in half.
shred, tear | crumple (up), screw up I screwed up the paper and threw it in the bin.
recycle | wrap sth in
PAPER + VERB be strewn There was paper strewn all over the floor.
PREP. on ~ I've had nothing on paper (= in writing) to say that I've been accepted.
PHRASES put pen to paper I've thought about what I'm going to write, but I haven't yet put pen to paper.
a waste of paper This report is a waste of paper.

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II. newspaper
ADJ. daily, evening, morning, Sunday, weekly | today's, yesterday's | independent, left-wing, right-wing | local, national | broadsheet, quality | tabloid
QUANT. copy Have you got a copy of yesterday's paper?
edition today's edition of the paper
VERB + PAPER buy, get, take Do you take a daily paper?
flick through, read What paper do you usually read?
print, produce, publish | edit, write for/in | appear in | get into The story got into the papers.
PAPER + VERB come out The paper comes out every Saturday.
PAPER + NOUN shop | boy, girl | round
PREP. in a/the ~ I read about his arrest in the papers.
on a/the ~ She got a job on the local paper.

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III. (usually papers) official document
ADJ. commercial | necessary | official | identity | personal, private | ballot
QUANT. pile, sheaf
VERB + PAPER show Be prepared to show your identity papers at the border.

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IV. exam
ADJ. exam, examination, question, test | written I did well on the oral but not on the written paper.
English, geography, etc.
VERB + PAPER do, sit, take | set The exam papers are set by experienced teachers.
mark | turn over You may now turn over your papers.
PREP. in a/the ~ the questions in the physics paper
on a/the ~ You must not write on the question paper.

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V. piece of writing on a specialist subject
ADJ. draft | consultation, consultative, discussion, position, working | research, scientific
VERB + PAPER deliver, give, present, put forward, read | draft, prepare, produce, write | issue, publish, release
PAPER + VERB consider sth, deal with sth, focus on/upon sth, look at sth The paper looks at the future of primary school education.
argue sth, propose sth | demonstrate sth | describe sth, outline sth, present sth | be called sth, be entitled sth
PREP. in a/the ~ Freud first mentioned this concept in his paper ‘On Narcissism’.
~ on a paper on the development of the novel

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a sheet of paper
Each recipe was written down on a separate sheet of paper.
a piece of paper
Can I have another piece of paper?
a scrap/slip of paper (=a small piece)
He scribbled Pamela’s address on a scrap of paper.
a pad of paper (=many sheets of paper fixed together at one edge)
Chris took out a pad of paper and started writing.
writing/note paper (=good quality paper for writing letters)
Can you fetch me a piece of writing paper and a pen?
plain paper (=with nothing written or printed on it)
The package was wrapped in plain brown paper.
lined paper (=printed with horizontal lines, for writing)
a note written on lined paper
wrapping paper (=coloured paper for wrapping presents )
He carefully removed the wrapping paper so it wouldn’t tear.
tissue paper (=very thin paper for wrapping things)
All the clothes were wrapped in tissue paper.
recycled paper (=paper made from waste paper)
The envelopes are made from 1OO percent recycled paper.
a local paper
You could try putting an advert in the local paper.
a national paper
The story had been in all the national papers.
a daily paper
Which of these daily papers do you usually read?
a Sunday paper
I only get a Sunday paper if I’ve got lots of spare time.
an evening paper
Ian usually buys an evening paper on his way home.
a tabloid paper (=one with small pages, especially one without much serious news)
Don’t believe everything you read in the tabloid papers.
a broadsheet paper (=one with large pages, usually one containing serious news)
Tabloid newspapers are usually about half the size of a broadsheet paper.
a quality paper British English (=one intended for educated readers )
Readers of quality papers, such as the Telegraph and the Guardian, are mainly employed in professional jobs.

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BAD: Each of us was given a clean paper to write on.
GOOD: Each of us was given a clean sheet of paper to write on.

Usage Note:
When it refers to the material that you write on, paper is an uncountable noun: 'The printer has run out of paper.' 'On the back of the piece of paper she had written her address.'

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See: on paper , walking papers

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