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passage /ˈpæsɪdʒ/ noun

معبر ، دریا کرایه ، تیمچه ، راه عبور ، دالان ، راه ، حق عبور ، پاساژ ، اجازه عبور ، سپری شدن ، انقضاء ، سفردریا ، راهرو ، گذرگاه ، تصویب ، قطعه ، نقل قول ، عبارت منتخبه از یک کتاب ، رویداد ، کارکردن مزاج ، علوم مهندسی: انتقال از حالتی به حالت دیگر ، معماری: سرسرا ، قانون ـ فقه: ممر ، فقره
- way, alley, avenue, channel, course, path, road, route
- corridor, hall, lobby, vestibule
- extract, excerpt, piece, quotation, reading, section, text
- journey, crossing, trek, trip, voyage
- safe-conduct, freedom, permission, right
Related Words: traject, trajet, traverse, traversing, transfer, transference, transmission, transmittal, transmittance, areaway

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passage W2 /ˈpæsɪdʒ/ noun
[Word Family: noun: pass, overpassunderpass, passage, passing; adjective: passing, passableimpassable; verb: pass]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: passer; pass1]

1. IN A BUILDING [countable] a long narrow area with walls on either side which connects one room or place to another ⇒ corridor:
My office is just along the passage.
We walked down a narrow passage to the back of the building.
an underground passage

2. FROM A BOOK ETC [countable] a short part of a book, poem, speech, piece of music etc
passage from/of
He read out a short passage from the Bible.

3. MOVEMENT [uncountable] formal the movement of people or vehicles along a road or across an area of land
passage of
The bridge isn’t strong enough to allow the passage of heavy vehicles.
Both sides agreed to allow the free passage of medical supplies into the area.
He was guaranteed safe passage out of the country.

4. OF A LAW [uncountable] when a new law is discussed and accepted by a parliament or Congress
passage through
The bill was amended several times during its passage through Congress.
They are expecting the new legislation to have quite a rough passage (=be discussed and criticized a lot) through Parliament.

5. JOURNEY [countable] old-fashioned a journey on a ship
passage to
My parents couldn’t afford the passage to America.

6. INSIDE SB’S BODY [countable] a tube in your body that air or liquid can pass through:
the nasal passages

7. WAY THROUGH [singular] a way through something
passage through
The police forced a passage through the crowd.

8. the passage of time the passing of time:
With the passage of time, things began to look more hopeful.
rite of passage at rite(2)

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I. narrow way through
ADJ. long, short | narrow, small | wide | twisting, winding | connecting, side | subterranean, underground | dark, secret
VERB + PASSAGE clear to clear a passage for ships through the ice
force He forced a passage for the singer through the crowd.
PREP. along/down/through a/the~ We ran through the dark passage.
in/into a/the ~ Someone was waiting outside in the passage.
~ between the passage between the cottage and the house
~ from There is an underground passage from the church to the house.
~ through a narrow passage through the bushes
~ to
PHRASES the end of a passage There was a door at the end of the passage.
a maze of passages the maze of secret passages which wound their way under the building

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II. tube in the body
ADJ. nasal | back (= rectum)
VERB + PASSAGE block, obstruct | clear

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III. extract from a book/speech
ADJ. lengthy, long | short | opening | famous, well-known | descriptive, purple
VERB + PASSAGE quote, read
PREP. in a/the ~ There's a lot of slang in this passage.
~ from a passage from the Bible

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IV. extract from a piece of music
ADJ. lengthy, long | short | opening | fast, slow | loud | quiet, soft | solo
VERB + PASSAGE play, quote In the 15th symphony he quotes a passage from Rossini's ‘William Tell’ overture.
PREP. in a/the ~ | ~ from

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V. movement/progress
ADJ. rapid, speedy | slow | safe | smooth | free The UN Security Council has demanded free passage for families fleeing from the fighting.
VERB + PASSAGE deny sb, refuse sb
PREP. ~ across the slow passage of a snail across the veranda
~ down Steps cut in the hillside give walkers an easy passage down the mountain.
~ from … to … We are not aware of our passage from consciousness to sleep.
~ into Portugal's passage into the next round of the tournament
~ out of a safe passage out of the war zone
~ over State-of-the-art suspension guarantees a smooth passage over the bumpiest road.
~ through They denied him passage through the territory.
PHRASES the passage of time The problems only got worse with the passage of time.
a rite of passage Marriage is seen as a rite of passage.

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VI. journey by ship
ADJ. long, short | rough, stormy | homeward, outward | sea
VERB + PASSAGE have | book | work He worked his passage (= he worked to pay for his journey) to Australia.
PREP. during a/the ~ During the passage, she taught herself basic Arabic.
on sb's/the ~ We met him on our outward passage.
~ across a rough passage across the Atlantic
~ to We had a stormy passage to India.

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VII. of a bill through Parliament
ADJ. smooth | speedy
VERB + PASSAGE begin, complete The bill will complete its passage in November.
PREP. during the ~ There was much controversy during the passage of the bill.
~ through a strategy to ensure the bill's smooth passage through Parliament

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A narrow passage led to a small room at the back of the house.
He groped his way along the dark passage.
an underground/subterranean passage
The air in these underground passages is cold and damp.
a secret passage
The bookcase moved to reveal a secret passage.
a maze of passages (=many passages, in which it is easy to get lost)
We wandered through a maze of passages.

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