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passing /ˈpɑːsɪŋ $ ˈpæ-/ noun [uncountable]

رد شده ، گذرنده ، زود گذر ، فانی ، بالغ بر ، در گذشت ، معماری: گذرنده ، ورزش: پاس دادن
- momentary, brief, ephemeral, fleeting, short-lived, temporary, transient, transitory
- superficial, casual, cursory, glancing, quick, short
Contrasted words: lingering
English Thesaurus: short, brief, quick, short-lived, fleeting, ...

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I. passing1 /ˈpɑːsɪŋ $ ˈpæ-/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: pass, overpassunderpass, passage, passing; adjective: passing, passableimpassable; verb: pass]

1. the passing of time/the years the process of time going by:
Most of the old traditions have died out with the passing of time.
The passing of the years had done nothing to improve his temper.

2. mention/note something in passing if you say something in passing, you mention it while you are mainly talking about something else:
He did mention his brother’s wife, but only in passing.

3. the passing of something is the fact that it has ended:
The old regime was defeated, and few people mourned its passing.

4. the passing of a person is their death – use this when you want to avoid using the word ‘death’:
Nothing could fill the gap in her life left by his passing.

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II. passing2 adjective [only before noun]
[Word Family: noun: pass, overpassunderpass, passage, passing; adjective: passing, passableimpassable; verb: pass]

1. going past a place or person:
Michael watched the passing cars.
A passing motorist stopped to help.

2. passing days/weeks/years etc literary the days, weeks, years etc that pass:
Her grief became less intense with the passing years.
With each passing day she grew stronger.

3. a passing thought or feeling is short and not very serious:
He had only ever shown a passing interest in sport.

4. a passing remark is one that you make while you are talking about something else:
He made only a passing reference to her achievements.

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VERB + PASSING mourn Few will mourn his passing.
mark Her death marks the passing of an era.
PHRASES the passing of time The colour of the wood darkens with the passing of time.

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See: in passing

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