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patience /ˈpeɪʃəns/ noun [uncountable]

بردباری ، شکیبایی ، شکیب ، صبر ، طاقت ، تاب
- forbearance, calmness, restraint, serenity, sufferance, tolerance
- endurance, constancy, fortitude, long-suffering, perseverance, resignation, stoicism, submission
Antonyms: impatience
Contrasted words: fretfulness, restiveness, restlessness, hastiness, rebellion, resistance
Related Words: composure, cool, equanimity, impeturbability, self-control, endurance, sufferance, suffering, tolerance, toleration, nonresistance, passiveness, passivity, submission, submissiveness

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patience S3 /ˈpeɪʃəns/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: patienceimpatience, patient; adverb: patientlyimpatiently; adjective: patientimpatient]

1. the ability to continue waiting or doing something for a long time without becoming angry or anxious Antonym : impatience:
I wouldn’t have the patience to sit sewing all day.
infinite/unlimited/endless patience
a good listener who has infinite patience

2. the ability to accept trouble and other people’s annoying behaviour without complaining or becoming angry:
You’ll need patience and understanding if you’re going to be a teacher.
have little/no patience with somebody
She has no patience with time-wasters.
lose/run out of patience (with somebody) (=stop being patient and get angry)
I’m beginning to lose patience with you people.
It will take time and patience to get these changes accepted.
Celia’s patience suddenly snapped and she told them to shut up.
the patience of Job/the patience of a saint (=very great patience when someone is annoying you)
Henry’s negative attitude is beginning to try my patience (=make me lose my patience).

3. (have) patience used to tell someone to wait calmly:
Patience, my dear. Some things take time.

4. British English a card game for one player Synonym : solitaire American English

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ADJ. endless, great, infinite
VERB + PATIENCE exercise, have, show They thanked him for showing so much patience.
lack | be out of, lose, run out of It is quite clear that they are out of patience with me. We eventually ran out of patience with his childish behaviour.
keep I find it hard to keep my patience with them.
require, take Above all, fishing requires great patience.
exhaust, stretch, tax, test, try The children were beginning to try my patience.
PATIENCE + VERB be exhausted, run out, snap, wear thin Molly could see Mr Kirkham's patience was running out, so she shut up. Her patience snapped and she walked out.
be rewarded Our patience was finally rewarded and we got the band's autographs.
PREP. with ~ She listened with infinite patience to his excuses.
~ for He has little patience for people who don't work.
~ with The fans were losing patience with the team.
PHRASES the patience of a saint These endless meetings are enough to tax the patience of a saint.

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have the patience to do something
He didn't have the patience to listen to another point of view.
have little/no patience with somebody
I'm afraid I have little patience with bureaucrats and their official rules.
lose patience (with somebody)
Eventually his family lost patience with him and his irresponsible behaviour.
run out of patience (with somebody)
She was wonderful with the children, and never ran out of patience.
try/test/tax somebody's patience (=make it difficult for someone to continue to be patient)
The guy at the desk was beginning to try my patience.
exhaust somebody's patience (=make someone lose patience)
He turned away from me, as if I had exhausted his patience.
somebody's patience is wearing thin (=they are becoming angry)
People's patience is wearing thin as the queues for visas get longer.
somebody's patience snaps (=they suddenly show their anger)
Celia's patience snapped when he dropped a second glass of wine on the carpet.
somebody's patience is rewarded (=they get what they were hoping and waiting to get)
After two hours, their patience was rewarded and they saw the bird.
great patience
Painting by this method requires great patience.
infinite/endless/unlimited patience
She was lucky to have a maths teacher with infinite patience.
the patience of Job/a saint (=very great patience)
Those children would try the patience of a saint.

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