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People (also ˈPeople Magaˌzine / $ ˈ.. ˌ.../)
people /ˈpiːpəl/ noun

مردم، خلق، مردمان، قوم، ملت، اباد کردن، پرجمعیت کردن، ساکن شدن، قانون فقه: قوم
ارسال ایمیل
[plural noun]
- persons, humanity, mankind, men and women, mortals
- nation, citizens, community, folk, inhabitants, population, public
- family, clan, race, tribe
- inhabit, colonize, occupy, populate, settle
English Thesaurus: people, folk, the public, population, the human race, ...

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I. People (also ˈPeople Magaˌzine / $ ˈ.. ˌ.../) trademark
a US magazine that contains short articles and pictures of famous people, especially people who appear on television and in films

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II. People, The trademark
a British tabloid newspaper sold every Sunday, which is known for printing shocking articles about famous people, especially about their relationships and their sexual experiences

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I. people1 S1 W1 /ˈpiːpəl/ noun
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: peuple, from Latin populus; popular]

1. PERSONS [plural] used as the plural of ‘person’ to refer to men, women, and children:
How many people were at the meeting?
At least 40 people were killed.
the people who live next door

2. PEOPLE IN GENERAL [plural] people in general, or people other than yourself:
I don’t care what people think.
People can be really mean sometimes.
theatre/business etc people (=people who work or are involved in the theatre etc)
The hotel was full of business people.

3. COUNTRY/RACE [countable also + plural verb] the people who belong to a particular country, race, or area
the British/American etc people
He pledged that he would never lie to the American people.
people of
the Basques, a people of northwestern Spain
the peoples of Europe

4. the people [plural]
a) all the ordinary people in a country or a state, not the government or ruling class:
The people rebelled.
Rice formed the staple food of the common people.
The party try to portray the prime minister as a man of the people (=someone in power who understands or is like ordinary people).
the people’s party/army etc (=belonging to or popular with the ordinary people)
the People’s Liberation Army
Diana – the people’s princess
b) American English used in court cases to represent the government of the US or of a particular state:
The People vs. Romero

5. sb’s people [plural]
a) the people that a king or leader rules or leads:
The king ordered his people to prepare for war.
b) the people who work for a person or organization:
A manager’s job is to make his or her people feel part of the system.
c) old-fashioned your relatives, especially your parents, grandparents etc:
Do your people live round here?

6. of all people spoken used to say that someone is the person you would least or most expect to do something:
Why should he, of all people, get a promotion?
You of all people should have known better.

7. TO GET ATTENTION [plural] American English spoken informal used to get the attention of a group of people:
Listen up, people!
little people

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II. people2 verb [transitive usually passive] formal

1. if a country or area is peopled by people of a particular type, they live there Synonym : inhabit
be peopled by/with somebody
an island peopled by hardy sea folk

2. if a story or someone’s imagination is peopled by people of a particular type, it is full of them
be peopled by/with somebody
Her world was peopled with imaginary friends.

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I. more than one person
ADJ. young | elderly, old | common, ordinary | (very) important a line of limousines carrying very important people
famous | middle-class, working-class | business, professional, working | unemployed | blind, deaf, disabled access for disabled people
intelligent | interesting, nice | strange | single | homeless
VERB + PEOPLE meet | attract The local tourist board is trying to attract more people to the town.

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II. of a particular place/race
ADJ. local | country | indigenous, native | primitive the customs of primitive peoples of the Amazon Basin
tribal | Arab, Japanese, Slav, etc. the culture of the Basque people
black, white
VERB + PEOPLE represent I was elected to represent the people of Bristol.
PHRASES the peoples of the world

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BAD: After a hard day, all people need to relax.
GOOD: After a hard day, everyone needs to relax.
BAD: In Avanos every people smile at you.
GOOD: In Avanos everyone smiles at you.

Usage Note:
See also PERSON 1 (person)

BAD: Peoples come from all over the world to visit the city.
GOOD: People come from all over the world to visit the city.

Usage Note:
a people (countable) = a race: 'His dream is that the peoples of the world will one day unite.'
people (plural noun) = men, women and children: 'He finds it difficult to get along with people.'

BAD: There was few people at the funeral.
GOOD: There were few people at the funeral.
BAD: I think people who does these things should be punished.
GOOD: I think people who do these things should be punished.

Usage Note:
People is a plural noun and takes a plural verb: 'People have been very kind to me.'

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all people/things/places all things to all men/people all things to all people bad blood between people benin, the people's republic of boat people category people come between two people cottage key people dozens of people/companies/cars english speaking people fall in with a group of people good with people herd with other people host of people/things innocent victims/bystanders/people little people man of the people many people many people/things mass of people/the population/workers most people national association for the advancement of colored people national association for the advancement of colored people, the no love lost between two people none but low people go there number of people number of things or people nursing home/old people's home old people's home other people peculiar people people carrier people forces people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones people magazine people mover people of all ranks people of quality people of the book people rise in rebellion people rise in revolt people say people skills people sniffer people who live in glass houses people who live in glass houses should not throw stones people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones people, the people/interpersonal skills people/women/students of color people's daily people's daily, the people's party/army read people's hands right of people scores of people shoals of people some 500 people/50%/£100 some people are more equal than others some people have all the luck stir up people's emotions streams of people street people tell apart two people theatre/business people throw together people travelling people/folk work people x number of people/things young people

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