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People (also ˈPeople Magaˌzine / $ ˈ.. ˌ.../)
people /ˈpiːpəl/ noun

مردم ، خلق ، مردمان ، قوم ، ملت ، اباد کردن ، پرجمعیت کردن ، ساکن شدن ، قانون ـ فقه: قوم
[plural noun]
- persons, humanity, mankind, men and women, mortals
- nation, citizens, community, folk, inhabitants, population, public
- family, clan, race, tribe
- inhabit, colonize, occupy, populate, settle
English Thesaurus: people, folk, the public, population, the human race, ...

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I. People (also ˈPeople Magaˌzine / $ ˈ.. ˌ.../) trademark
a US magazine that contains short articles and pictures of famous people, especially people who appear on television and in films

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II. People, The trademark
a British tabloid newspaper sold every Sunday, which is known for printing shocking articles about famous people, especially about their relationships and their sexual experiences

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I. people1 S1 W1 /ˈpiːpəl/ noun
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: peuple, from Latin populus; popular]

1. PERSONS [plural] used as the plural of ‘person’ to refer to men, women, and children:
How many people were at the meeting?
At least 40 people were killed.
the people who live next door

2. PEOPLE IN GENERAL [plural] people in general, or people other than yourself:
I don’t care what people think.
People can be really mean sometimes.
theatre/business etc people (=people who work or are involved in the theatre etc)
The hotel was full of business people.

3. COUNTRY/RACE [countable also + plural verb] the people who belong to a particular country, race, or area
the British/American etc people
He pledged that he would never lie to the American people.
people of
the Basques, a people of northwestern Spain
the peoples of Europe

4. the people [plural]
a) all the ordinary people in a country or a state, not the government or ruling class:
The people rebelled.
Rice formed the staple food of the common people.
The party try to portray the prime minister as a man of the people (=someone in power who understands or is like ordinary people).
the people’s party/army etc (=belonging to or popular with the ordinary people)
the People’s Liberation Army
Diana – the people’s princess
b) American English used in court cases to represent the government of the US or of a particular state:
The People vs. Romero

5. sb’s people [plural]
a) the people that a king or leader rules or leads:
The king ordered his people to prepare for war.
b) the people who work for a person or organization:
A manager’s job is to make his or her people feel part of the system.
c) old-fashioned your relatives, especially your parents, grandparents etc:
Do your people live round here?

6. of all people spoken used to say that someone is the person you would least or most expect to do something:
Why should he, of all people, get a promotion?
You of all people should have known better.

7. TO GET ATTENTION [plural] American English spoken informal used to get the attention of a group of people:
Listen up, people!
little people

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II. people2 verb [transitive usually passive] formal

1. if a country or area is peopled by people of a particular type, they live there Synonym : inhabit
be peopled by/with somebody
an island peopled by hardy sea folk

2. if a story or someone’s imagination is peopled by people of a particular type, it is full of them
be peopled by/with somebody
Her world was peopled with imaginary friends.

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I. more than one person
ADJ. young | elderly, old | common, ordinary | (very) important a line of limousines carrying very important people
famous | middle-class, working-class | business, professional, working | unemployed | blind, deaf, disabled access for disabled people
intelligent | interesting, nice | strange | single | homeless
VERB + PEOPLE meet | attract The local tourist board is trying to attract more people to the town.

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II. of a particular place/race
ADJ. local | country | indigenous, native | primitive the customs of primitive peoples of the Amazon Basin
tribal | Arab, Japanese, Slav, etc. the culture of the Basque people
black, white
VERB + PEOPLE represent I was elected to represent the people of Bristol.
PHRASES the peoples of the world

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BAD: After a hard day, all people need to relax.
GOOD: After a hard day, everyone needs to relax.
BAD: In Avanos every people smile at you.
GOOD: In Avanos everyone smiles at you.

Usage Note:
See also PERSON 1 (person)

BAD: Peoples come from all over the world to visit the city.
GOOD: People come from all over the world to visit the city.

Usage Note:
a people (countable) = a race: 'His dream is that the peoples of the world will one day unite.'
people (plural noun) = men, women and children: 'He finds it difficult to get along with people.'

BAD: There was few people at the funeral.
GOOD: There were few people at the funeral.
BAD: I think people who does these things should be punished.
GOOD: I think people who do these things should be punished.

Usage Note:
People is a plural noun and takes a plural verb: 'People have been very kind to me.'

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