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possibility /ˌpɒsəˈbɪləti, ˌpɒsɪˈbɪləti $ ˌpɑː-/ noun (plural possibilities)

امکان ، احتمال ، چیز ممکن ، شق ، روانشناسی: امکان
- feasibility, likelihood, potentiality, practicability, workableness
- likelihood, chance, hope, liability, odds, probability, prospect, risk
- often plural: potential, capabilities, potentiality, promise, prospects, talent

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possibility S2 W2 /ˌpɒsəˈbɪləti, ˌpɒsɪˈbɪləti $ ˌpɑː-/ noun (plural possibilities)
[Word Family: noun: possibilityimpossibility, the impossible, possible; adverb: possiblyimpossibly; adjective: possibleimpossible]

1. [uncountable and countable] if there is a possibility that something is true or that something will happen, it might be true or it might happen:
There’s always a possibility that he might go back to Seattle.
the possibility of an enemy attack
There was no possibility of changing the voting procedure.
A peace settlement now looks like a real possibility.
Tomorrow, there’s a remote possibility of snow on high ground.
They might get married – it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility.
The study raises the possibility that dieting is bad for your health.

2. [countable usually plural] an opportunity to do something, or something that can be done or tried
possibilities for/of (doing) something
exciting possibilities for reducing costs
Archer began to explore the possibilities of opening a club in the city.
The US has not yet exhausted all diplomatic possibilities (=tried everything possible).
the range of possibilities offered to students

3. have possibilities if something has possibilities, it could be made into something much better Synonym : have potential:
The house has great possibilities.

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ADJ. exciting, interesting | endless, many The resort offers endless possibilities for entertainment.
further, other | different, various | future | distinct, great, real, serious, strong There's a strong possibility that it will rain today.
reasonable | faint, remote There is a faint possibility that he might have got the wrong day.
practical | theoretical | obvious
VERB + POSSIBILITY allow sb, offer sb, open up, raise | see | consider, discuss, examine, explore, study Have you explored the possibilities of setting up your own business?
accept, acknowledge, admit, concede, countenance, entertain, recognize | ignore, overlook | deny, discount, dismiss, eliminate, exclude, preclude, rule out We cannot rule out the possibility of mistaken identity.
face The club is facing the real possibility of relegation.
risk We don't want to risk the possibility of losing all our money.
allow for, cover Some reserves were named to cover the possibility of withdrawals.
avert | lessen, reduce
PREP. ~ for She was quick to see the possibilities for making money that her new skills gave her.
~ of Careful checks will reduce the possibility of unpleasant surprises.
PHRASES beyond/within the bounds of possibility It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that a similar situation could arise again.
a number/range of possibilities The course offers a wide range of possibilities for personal development.

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a strong/good possibility (=something that is very likely)
There is a strong possibility that the drug causes similar damage in humans.
a real possibility (=something that is quite likely)
At this moment, a recession is a real possibility.
a distinct possibility (=something that is quite likely)
I knew there was a distinct possibility that I might fail my degree.
a remote/faint possibility (=something that is not very likely)
There's no point worrying about such a remote possibility.
a possibility exists
The possibility exists that he misunderstood the data.
something remains a possibility
War remains a possibility.
consider a possibility
Police In Glasgow are considering the possibility that the death may be drugs-related.
raise a possibility (=say or show that something may happen or may be true)
The government has raised the possibility of an early election next year.
rule out/exclude a possibility (=say that something will definitely not happen or is definitely not true)
We can't rule out the possibility that there will be more redundancies.
there is a possibility that
There is a possibility that files could be lost if the system crashes.
consider a possibility (=think about whether you should take an opportunity)
We even began to consider the possibility of moving there permanently.
explore a possibility (=think carefully and find out about an opportunity)
You may want to explore the possibility of setting up your own business.
offer a possibility (=make an opportunity available)
Technology offers exciting possibilities to designers.
open up a possibility (=make a new opportunity available)
His recent performance opens up the possibility for him to compete in the Olympic Games.
exhaust the possibilities (=try everything possible)
I was determined not to give up until I had exhausted all the possibilities.
new possibilities
New possibilities lay before him.
exciting possibilities
The city offers many exciting possibilities for young people.
tremendous possibilities (=very good or important opportunities)
This discovery opens up tremendous possibilities for cancer screening.

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BAD: We are considering the possibility to do the job ourselves.
GOOD: We are considering the possibility of doing the job ourselves.

Usage Note:
possibility of (doing ) sth : 'Is there any possibility of (getting) a refund?'
Compare: 'Is it possible to get a refund?'

BAD: My visit to Tokyo was a good possibility for me to learn some Japanese.
GOOD: My visit to Tokyo was a good opportunity to learn some Japanese.
BAD: A person who wants to go out to work should be given the possibility to do so.
GOOD: A person who wants to go out to work should be given the opportunity to do so.

Usage Note:
Use possibility when you are talking about something that may happen: 'There is also a possibility that the peacekeeping forces could themselves come under attack.'
To refer to a situation in which it is possible for someone to do something, use opportunity : 'The exchange scheme provides young people with the opportunity to visit a foreign country.'

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