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possible /ˈpɒsəbəl, ˈpɒsɪbəl $ ˈpɑː-/ adjective

شدنی ، ممکن ، امکان پذیر ، میسر ، مقدور ، امکان
کامپیوتر: ممکن ، امکان پذیر

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- conceivable, credible, hypothetical, imaginable, likely, potential
- likely, hopeful, potential, probable, promising
- feasible, attainable, doable, practicable, realizable, viable, workable
Antonyms: impossible
Contrasted words: futile, hopeless, impracticable
Related Words: advisable, expedient, achievable, attainable, available, dormant, latent, potential
English Thesaurus: possible, feasible, viable, workable, doable, ...

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I. possible1 S1 W1 /ˈpɒsəbəl, ˈpɒsɪbəl $ ˈpɑː-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: possibilityimpossibility, the impossible, possible; adverb: possiblyimpossibly; adjective: possibleimpossible]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: Latin possibilis, from posse 'to be able']

1. if something is possible, it can be done or achieved Antonym : impossible:
Is it possible to get tickets for the game?
It might be possible for the documents to be sent over.
Computer technology makes it possible for many people to work from home.
I want to avoid the rush hour traffic if possible.
I walk or use public transport whenever possible.
We are doing everything possible to track down the killer.
Our staff will help you in every way possible.
Even if it were technically possible, we do not have the money to do it.
She decided to stay as far away from him as was humanly possible.

2. as soon/quickly/much etc as possible as soon, quickly etc as you can:
I need the money as soon as possible.
Sharon always does as little work as possible.
The original features of the house have been preserved as far as possible (=as much as possible).

3. a possible answer, cause etc might be true:
There seem to be only two possible explanations.
the possible causes of a child’s learning difficulties
it is possible (that)
It’s possible that the letter got lost in the post.

4. a possible event or thing might happen or exist:
Heavy rain is possible later in the day.
the possible effect on the health of local people
You need to look at the possible consequences of your actions.
In Hollywood, anything is possible (=anything can happen, even though it may seem very unlikely).

5. the best/biggest/fastest etc possible the best etc that can exist or be achieved:
Try to get the best possible price.
What is the worst possible thing that could happen?

6. would it be possible (for somebody) to do something? spoken used when asking politely if you can do or have something:
Would it be possible to speak to Oliver?

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II. possible2 noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: possibilityimpossibility, the impossible, possible; adverb: possiblyimpossibly; adjective: possibleimpossible]
someone or something that might be suitable or acceptable for a particular purpose:
Frank’s a possible for the job.

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VERBS be, seem, sound | become | make sth New technology has made it possible to communicate more easily.
think sth In those circumstances, I thought it possible to work with him.
ADV. perfectly, quite | just It is just possible that he's still here.
humanly I think that what he's suggesting is not humanly possible.
theoretically It's theoretically possible but highly unlikely ever to happen.
PHRASES as far/long/much as possible She did as much as possible to help him.
as quickly/soon as possible Please come as soon as possible.
if (at all) possible I'd like the money back by next week if possible.

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it is possible to do something
From the hilltop it was possible to see the sea.
make it possible to do something
Medical advances have made it possible to keep more patients alive.
if possible (also if at all possible)
If possible, take light exercise first thing in the morning.
where/wherever/whenever possible
Choose wholemeal varieties of flour and pasta, where possible.
do everything possible
We must do everything possible to limit our impact on the earth's environment.
in every way possible
The company helped promote the scheme in every way possible.
perfectly/quite possible (=definitely possible)
Combining a family with a career is perfectly possible .
theoretically possible (=possible in theory, but difficult and unlikely)
It is theoretically possible for all students to get full marks.
technically possible (=possible with the technology available)
Amendments to software may be technically possible, but are inadvisable.
humanly possible (=possible for anyone)
It is not humanly possible to work for more than fifteen hours a day.

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BAD: If you find my book, could you possible return it to me?
GOOD: If you find my book, could you possibly return it to me?

Usage Note:
Possible is an adjective: 'It's quite possible that someone picked up your bag by mistake.' 'There are several possible answers.'
Possibly is an adverb: 'I wonder if you could possibly send me some more information.' 'How could you possibly suspect your own brother of doing such a thing?'

BAD: It could be possible that I left the wallet back at the hotel.
GOOD: It's possible that I left the wallet back at the hotel.
BAD: I was wondering whether it could be possible to arrange another meeting.
GOOD: I was wondering whether it might be possible to arrange another meeting.

Usage Note:
Do not use can/could before possible . When you are talking about a past event, use it is possible : 'It's quite possible that the letter was sent to the wrong address.' When you are talking about a future event, use it may/ might be possible : 'She thinks that it may be possible to get the watch repaired.'

BAD: Is it possible that I come and see you tomorrow?
GOOD: Is it possible for me to come and see you tomorrow?
BAD: She asked me if it was possible that you ring her back after 5 p.m.
GOOD: She asked me if it was possible for you to ring her back after 5 p.m.

Usage Note:
In enquiries and polite requests, use possible (for sb) to do sth (NOT possible that): 'Would it be possible for me to open a bank account?'
Compare: 'It's quite possible that they've got stuck in a traffic jam.'

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