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potential /pəˈtenʃəl/ adjective [only before noun]
potential noun [uncountable]

ولتاژ ، عامل بالقوه ، بالقوه ، عامل ، بالفعل ، ذخیره ای ، پنهانی ، دارای استعداد نهانی ، پتانسیل ، علوم مهندسی: عامل بالقوه ، الکترونیک: پتانسیل ، معماری: پتانسیل ، قانون ـ فقه: بالقوه ، روانشناسی: توان ، بازرگانی: بالقوه ، ورزش: پتانسیل ، علوم هوایی: پتانسیل
الکترونیک: پتانسیل ، تربیت بدنی: پتانسیل ، ولتاژ ، عامل بالقوه ، علوم مهندسی: بالقوه ، حقوق: پتانسیل ، هواپیمایی: پتانسیل ، معماری: بالقوه ، پتانسیل ، توان ، روانشناسی: پتانسیل ، الکترونیک: بالقوه ، اقتصاد: عامل بالقوه ، بالقوه ، عامل ، بالفعل ، ذخیره ای ، نهانی ، پنهانی ، دارای استعداد نهانی ، پتانسیل

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- possible, dormant, future, hidden, inherent, latent, likely, promising
- ability, aptitude, capability, capacity, possibility, potentiality, power, wherewithal
Antonyms: actual, actuality, reality
Contrasted words: existent, extant, doubtful, impossible, questionable, impracticable, unsuitable
Related Idioms: within the realm (or range) of possibility
Related Words: conceivable, imaginable, likely, plausible, probable, thinkable

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I. potential1 S3 W2 AC /pəˈtenʃəl/ adjective [only before noun]
[Word Family: noun: potential, potentiality; adverb: potentially; adjective: potential]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Late Latin; Origin: potentialis, from Latin potentia 'power', from potere; potent]
likely to develop into a particular type of person or thing in the future Synonym : possible
potential customer/buyer/client
new ways of attracting potential customers
potential benefit/problem
the potential benefits of the new system
potential danger/threat/risk
the potential risks to health associated with the drug

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II. potential2 W3 AC noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: potential, potentiality; adverb: potentially; adjective: potential]

1. the possibility that something will develop in a particular way, or have a particular effect
potential for
The company certainly has the potential for growth.
potential of
the potential of the Internet to create jobs

2. if people or things have potential, they have a natural ability or quality that could develop to make them very good
have/show potential
She has the potential to become a champion.
with potential
a young player with great potential
achieve/fulfil/realize your (full) potential (=succeed as well as you possibly can)

3. technical the difference in voltage between two points on an electrical circuit

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ADJ. considerable, enormous, great, limitless | full You aren't using your computer to its full potential.
true | unfulfilled, untapped | commercial | growth
VERB + POTENTIAL have, show This young man has enormous potential.
be aware of, see John Cadbury could see the potential for his product.
develop, exploit, unlock They were among the first companies to exploit the potential of the Internet.
fulfil, reach, realize Signing for a top club would enable him to fulfil his true potential.
PREP. with ~ looking for a trainee with potential
~ as She showed great potential as an actor.
~ for an industry that has the potential for growth

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a potential customer/buyer/client
Advertisers want to reach as many potential customers as possible.
a potential candidate
Party leaders have put together a list of 10 potential candidates.
a potential problem
There is a potential problem with the new equipment.
a potential danger/threat/risk
Tired drivers are a potential danger to other road users.
potential conflict
Funding is an area of potential conflict between the two departments.
a potential benefit
The potential benefits must be weighed up against the costs involved.
a potential source of something
A dirty kitchen is a potential source of infection.
have potential
When he saw I had some potential, he gave me extra coaching.
show potential
Nicholson soon showed great potential as an actor.
develop your potential (=succeed by using your skills or talents)
A good school aims to enable pupils to develop their potential.
achieve/fulfil/reach/realize your potential (=succeed as much as you have the potential to succeed)
A lot of athletes find it difficult to achieve their potential.
exploit sb’s/sth’s potential (=use all the qualities that someone or something has)
Until now, the island has not exploited its potential as a tourist destination.
unlock/unleash sb’s potential (=allow them to succeed as well as they can)
Training is a way of unlocking the potential of the workforce.
great/enormous/considerable potential
This is a team with great potential.
sb’s full potential
We continuously seek to develop people to their full potential.
sb’s true potential (=their full potential)
Malaysia only showed glimpses of their true potential in the final stages of the tournament.
commercial/economic potential (=the potential to earn money)
They were quick to recognize the band’s commercial potential.
leadership potential (=the potential to become a leader)
She always felt that I had leadership potential.
star potential (=the potential to be a star in music, films etc)
The woman who spotted Kate’s star potential was Sarah Doukas.
human potential (=people’s abilities or qualities)
Mass unemployment is a shameful waste of human potential.

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