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preferable /ˈprefərəbəl/ adjective

مرجح ، دارای رجحان ، قابل ترجیح ، برتر
Synonyms: better, best, chosen, favoured, more desirable, superior
English Thesaurus: better, superior, preferable, be an improvement on something, have the edge, ...

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preferable /ˈprefərəbəl/ adjective
[Word Family: adverb: preferably, preferentially; adjective: preferable, preferential; verb: prefer; noun: preference]
better or more suitable:
For this dish, fresh herbs and garlic are preferable.
In warm weather, clothes made of natural fabrics are infinitely preferable (=much better).
preferable to (doing) something
Being taught in a small group is far preferable to being in a large, noisy classroom.

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VERBS be, seem | become | remain | consider sth
ADV. far, greatly, infinitely, vastly
PREP. to Death was considered vastly preferable to dishonour.

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BAD: Going swimming is more preferable to playing football.
GOOD: Going swimming is preferable to playing football.

Usage Note:
Do not use more with an adjective which contains the sense 'more' as part of its meaning. Preferable means 'better or more suitable': 'As far as I'm concerned, anything would be preferable to spending another night here.'

BAD: For most teenagers, living in the countryside is preferable than living in a city.
GOOD: For most teenagers, living in the countryside is preferable to living in a city.

Usage Note:
One thing is preferable to another thing (NOT than ): 'An old computer is preferable to no computer at all.'

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