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preference /ˈprefərəns/ noun

برتری ، رجحان ، ترفیع ، مزیت ، اولویت ، تقدم ، قانون ـ فقه: تبعیض متقلبانه بین غرماء ، روانشناسی: رجحان ، بازرگانی: رجحان ، ترجیح
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- first choice, choice, desire, favourite, option, partiality, pick, predilection, selection
- priority, favoured treatment, favouritism, first place, precedence
Related Words: partiality, predilection, prepossession

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preference W3 /ˈprefərəns/ noun
[Word Family: adverb: preferably, preferentially; adjective: preferable, preferential; verb: prefer; noun: preference]

1. [uncountable and countable] if you have a preference for something, you like it more than another thing and will choose it if you can ⇒ prefer:
Do you have a colour preference?
preference for
a cultural preference for boy babies
Parents may be able to express a preference as to the school their child will attend.
The amount of sugar you add will depend on personal preference.
Many elderly people expressed a strong preference to live in their own homes.
in preference to something (=rather than something)
Use clear English in preference to technical language.

2. [uncountable and countable] when someone is treated more favourably than other people, often when he or she has been treated unfairly in the past:
Racial preferences are a way to make up for years of discrimination against minorities.
give/show preference (to somebody)
In allocating housing, preference is given to families with young children.

3. sexual preference someone’s sexual preference is whether they want to have sex with men or women

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ADJ. clear, definite, marked, strong | slight | individual, personal It's a matter of personal preference.
consumer | first, second, etc. Local voters gave Harry West first preference.
VERB + PREFERENCE have Do you have any particular preference?
demonstrate | express, indicate, show, state | give sb Preference is given to students who have passed maths and chemistry.
PREP. for ~ I choose motorways when driving, for preference.
in ~ to They bought French planes in preference to British ones.
~ as to/with regard to He has not expressed a preference as to which school he wants to go to.
~ between people's preferences between brown, white and wholemeal bread
~ for sth (over sth) the government's preference for tax cuts over greater public spending
~ in changing preferences in furniture styles
PHRASES in order of preference List the candidates in order of preference.

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have a preference
Do you have a preference for red or white wine?
express a preference
He avoided expressing a preference for any of the remaining Democratic candidates.
show a preference
Females showed a preference for long-tailed males.
a strong preference
In some countries, there is still a strong preference for sons.
a clear preference
There was a clear preference amongst the staff for this style of leadership.
a marked preference (=strong and clear)
The animals have a marked preference for woodland.
a personal preference
My personal preference is to eat meat only once or twice a week.
individual preferences
This partnership can take a variety of forms, depending on individual preferences.
consumer preferences
Information about local consumer preferences can be used by a manufacturer's sales force.
food preferences
Very young children may have clear food preferences.
in order of preference
Please list your choice of colleges in order of preference.
be a matter of personal preference (=be something that you can choose, according to what you like)
Which one you decide to buy is just a matter of personal preference.

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BAD: Our preferences in music are very similar.
GOOD: Our tastes in music are very similar.
BAD: I know Carlos very well and I know his preferences.
GOOD: I know Carlos very well and so I know his tastes/what he likes.

Usage Note:
Preference usually refers to what someone prefers on a particular occasion: 'We could eat Chinese, Indian or Italian. Do you have any preference?' 'My own preference is for a hotel with its own swimming pool.'
When you are talking about the particular style or styles that someone (always) likes or buys, use taste : 'While in Italy she developed a taste for Renaissance art.' 'When it comes to clothes, he has very expensive taste.'

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