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prisoner /ˈprɪzənə $ -ər/ noun [countable]

زندانی ، اسیر ، قانون ـ فقه: محبوس
- convict, con (slang), jailbird, lag (slang)
- captive, detainee, hostage, internee
English Thesaurus: prisoner, convict, inmate, captive, prisoner of war, ...

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Prisoner, The
a British television series about a man who is made to live in a strange village. He is called ‘number six’ and says ‘I am not a number. I am a free man’. The head man in the village is ‘number two’, and the relationship between them and the whole situation, are very mysterious. The Prisoner, made in 1967–68, is still popular, with the sign connected with the programme, an old-fashioned bicycle called a penny-farthing, still being recognized.

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prisoner S3 W2 /ˈprɪzənə $ -ər/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: prison, prisoner, imprisonment; verb: imprison; adjective: imprisonable]

1. someone who is kept in a prison as a legal punishment for a crime or while they are waiting for their trialguard, imprison:
Relationships between the staff and the prisoners are good.
Prisoners here only serve short sentences.
remand prisoner British English (=someone who is in prison waiting for their trial)
The organization is arguing for the release of political prisoners (=people in prison because of their political opinions).

2. someone who is taken by force and kept somewhere Synonym : captive
hold/keep somebody prisoner
The guerrillas kept her prisoner for three months.
He was being held prisoner.
Our pilot was taken prisoner.
The army advanced, taking 200,000 prisoners.

3. someone who is in a place or situation from which they cannot escape:
He is a prisoner of his own past.

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ADJ. virtual Without a wheelchair, she is a virtual prisoner in her own home.
political | life, life-sentence, long-term | short-term | remand | condemned, convicted, sentenced | escaped | model He was a model prisoner, and was released after serving only half of his five-year sentence.
VERB + PRISONER capture, take They had captured over 100 prisoners. Many soldiers were taken prisoner.
hold, keep They were kept prisoner for eight months in a tiny flat.
free, release
PHRASES a prisoner of conscience The former prisoner of conscience was elected president of the new democracy.
a prisoner of war

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a remand prisoner British English (=one who is waiting for their trial)
A prison governor is refusing to accept any more remand prisoners.
a condemned prisoner (=one who is going to be punished by being killed)
There is an appeal process for condemned prisoners.
a political prisoner (=one who is in prison because of their political opinions)
They demanded that the military government free all political prisoners.
an escaped prisoner
Soldiers arrived, looking for escaped prisoners.
release/free a prisoner
Hundreds of prisoners were released.

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