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finger /ˈfɪŋɡə $ -ər/ noun [countable]
finger verb [transitive]

باندازه یک انگشت ، میله برامدگی ، زبانه ، انگشت زدن ، دست زدن (به)
Synonyms: touch, feel, fiddle with (informal), handle, manipulate, maul, paw (informal), toy with
English Thesaurus: touch, feel, handle, finger, rub, ...

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I. finger1 S2 W2 /ˈfɪŋɡə $ -ər/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English]

1. PART OF YOUR HAND one of the four long thin parts on your hand, not including your thumb:
The woman had a ring on her finger, so I assumed she was married.
We ate with our fingers.
run your fingers through/over/along etc something
She ran her fingers through his hair.index finger, little finger, forefinger, middle finger, ring finger

2. cross your fingers
a) to hope that something will happen the way you want:
We’re keeping our fingers crossed that she’s going to be OK.
b) to secretly put one finger over another finger, because you are telling a lie – done especially by children:
‘He’s nice,’ said Laura, crossing her fingers under the table.

3. not lift/raise a finger to not make any effort to help someone with their work:
I do all the work around the house – Frank never lifts a finger.

4. put your finger on something to know or be able to explain exactly what is wrong, different, or unusual about a situation:
There was something about the man that worried Wycliffe, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

5. not lay a finger on somebody to not hurt someone at all, especially to not hit them:
Don’t lay a finger on me, or I’ll call the police!

6. have/keep your finger on the pulse (of something) to always know about the most recent changes or developments in a particular situation or activity:
people who have their finger on the pulse of fashion and pop culture

7. have a finger in every pie/ in many pies to be involved in many activities and to have influence over a lot of people, used especially when you think someone has too much influence

8. twist/wrap/wind somebody around your little finger to be able to persuade someone to do anything that you want:
Ed could wrap his mother around his little finger.

9. the finger of blame/suspicion:
The finger of suspicion immediately fell on Broderick.

10. OF A GLOVE the part of a glove that covers your finger

11. SHAPED LIKE A FINGER anything that is long and thin, like the shape of a finger, especially a piece of land, an area of water, or a piece of food:
fish fingers
chocolate fingers
finger of
the long finger of Chile

12. pull/get your finger out British English informal used to tell someone to work harder

13. put two fingers up at somebody British English informal to show someone you are angry with them in a very offensive way by holding up your first two fingers with the back of your hand facing them

14. give somebody the finger American English informal to show someone you are angry with them in a very offensive way by holding up your middle finger with the back of your hand facing them

15. be all fingers and thumbs British English to use your hands in an awkward or careless way, so that you drop or break things

16. long-fingered/slim-fingered etc having long fingers, slim fingers etc:
lovely long-fingered hands

17. DRINK an amount of an alcoholic drink that is as high in the glass as the width of someone’s finger:
two fingers of whiskey
butterfingers, fish finger, ⇒ have your hands/fingers in the till at till2(3), ⇒ count something on the fingers of one hand at count1(7), ⇒ have green fingers at green1(10), ⇒ burn your fingers/get your fingers burnt at burn1(16), ⇒ point the/a finger at somebody at point2(9), ⇒ let something slip through your fingers at slip1(15), ⇒ snap your fingers at snap1(7), ⇒ have sticky fingers at sticky(6), ⇒ work your fingers to the bone at work1(29)

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II. finger2 verb [transitive]

1. to touch or handle something with your fingers:
She fingered the beautiful cloth.

2. informal if someone, especially a criminal, fingers another criminal, they tell the police what that person has done

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ADJ. first, index | middle | ring, third, wedding I noticed the ring on the third finger of her left hand. | little | ringed | broken, dislocated, injured | pointing | accusatory, accusing, admonitory, warning The teacher raised a warning finger and we stopped talking.
prying The ornaments had been put out of reach of the children's prying fingers.
delicate, elegant, slender, slim | bony, lean, skeletal, skinny | chubby, fat, plump, podgy | blunt, spatulate, square-tipped | gnarled | arthritic | gentle She took off his bandages with gentle fingers.
capable, deft, nimble, skilful, skilled Her nimble fingers undid the knot in seconds.
nerveless | nervous | clumsy His clumsy fingers struggled with the buttons. | dirty, filthy, grubby, sticky
VERB + FINGER point ‘It was them!’, she cried, pointing an accusing finger at the boys.
(figurative) The enquiry pointed the finger of blame at the driver of the crashed coach.
draw The man drew a finger across his throat in a threatening gesture.
jam, poke, put, stick Everyone put their fingers in their ears when the shooting started.
jab, stab The protester was jabbing a finger aggressively at a policeman.
hold up, raise She raised a finger to her lips to ask for silence.
wag, waggle ‘None of that!’ cried the teacher, wagging her finger.
dip I dipped my finger in the sauce and licked it.
run She ran her finger along the dusty shelf.
drum, tap He was drumming his fingers nervously on the arm of the chair.
click, snap We were swaying and clicking our fingers in time to the music. He snapped his fingers and the waiter came running.
stub I stubbed my finger painfully while reaching for a book.
shut, trap The child needed treatment after trapping her finger in the car door.
crook He crooked a finger to tell us to go over to him.
extend He held up his hand with the fingers extended. | prick The nurse pricked my finger to get some blood.
count (sth) on Although she knew lots of people, she could count her friends on the fingers of one hand.
FINGER + NOUN bones, joints | movement | injury
PREP. with your ~s It's easiest to eat chicken legs with your fingers.
PHRASES the finger of fate/suspicion (figurative) The finger of suspicion was pointed at the chicken served for lunch.
the tips of the fingers

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