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rare /reə $ rer/ adjective (comparative rarer, superlative rarest)

نادر ، کمیاب ، کم ، رقیق ، لطیف ، نیم پخته ، بازرگانی: نایاب
- uncommon, few, infrequent, scarce, singular, sparse, strange, unusual
- superb, choice, excellent, fine, great, peerless, superlative
Contrasted words: accustomed, customary, habitual, usual, wonted, abounding, profuse
Related Words: excellent, fine, unique
English Thesaurus: rare, scarce, not common, infrequent, be few and far between, ...

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rare S3 W2 /reə $ rer/ adjective (comparative rarer, superlative rarest)
[Word Family: noun: rarity; adverb: rarely; adjective: rare]
[Sense 1,3: Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: rarus]
[Sense 2: Date: 1600-1700; Origin: rear 'lightly cooked' (15-19 centuries), from Old English hrer]

1. not seen or found very often, or not happening very often Antonym : commonunusual:
This species of plant is becoming increasingly rare.
I only saw Helen on the rare occasions when I went into her shop.
it is rare (for somebody/something) to do something
It is rare to find such an interesting group of people.
It is very rare for her to miss a day at school.

2. meat that is rare has only been cooked for a short time and is still red ⇒ underdone, well-done:
I like my steak rare.

3. [only before noun] British English old-fashioned very good or surprising:
We had a rare old time at the party.

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VERBS be, seem | become, get | remain
ADV. decidedly, distinctly, especially, exceedingly, exceptionally, extremely, particularly, surprisingly, very | increasingly | comparatively, fairly, pretty, quite, rather, relatively, somewhat | enough, sufficiently The stamps were not rare enough to be interesting.

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BAD: Water is very rare in some parts of the country.
GOOD: Water is very scarce in some parts of the country.

Usage Note:
If certain things are rare there are only a few of them in existence: 'Rare coins are usually worth a lot of money.' A rare event is one that hardly ever happens: 'I was lucky enough to witness one of her rare public appearances.'
To describe something that is usually common but for some reason is difficult to obtain at a particular time or in a particular place, use scarce : 'After the war, food and clothing were scarce.'

BAD: I think that my name is rare.
GOOD: I think that my name is unusual.
BAD: In San Francisco I saw some rare architecture.
GOOD: In San Francisco I saw some unusual architecture.

Usage Note:
If something is different from what is usual, it is unusual : 'The bread had an unusual flavour.' 'Kit. That's an unusual name.'

BAD: It is not rare that women have a job nowadays.
GOOD: It is not unusual for women to have a job nowadays.

Usage Note:
not unusual (for sb ) to do sth (NOT not rare ): 'It's not unusual to see business people cycling to work these days.'

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