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reason /ˈriːzən/ noun

سبب ، علت ، عقل ، خرد ، شعور ، استدلال کردن ، دلیل و برهان اوردن ، قانون ـ فقه: عقل ، با دلیل ثابت کردن ، روانشناسی: دلیل ، بازرگانی: منطق
مهندسی صنایع: تولید: سبب - علت

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- cause, aim, goal, grounds, incentive, intention, motive, object, purpose
- sense(s), intellect, judgment, logic, mind, rationality, sanity, soundness, understanding
- deduce, conclude, infer, make out, think, work out
- reason with: persuade, bring round (informal), prevail upon, talk into or out of, urge, win over
Related Words: explanation, justification, rationalization, inference, ratiocination
English Thesaurus: reason, explanation, motive, justification, grounds, ...

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I. reason1 S1 W1 /ˈriːzən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: reason, reasoning, reasonableness; adjective: reasonableunreasonable, reasoned; verb: reason; adverb: reasonablyunreasonably]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: raison, from Latin ratio; ratio]

1. CAUSE [countable] why something happens, or why someone does something
reason for
People give different reasons for wanting to change jobs.
reason why
We’d like to know the reason why she didn’t accept the job.
reason (that)
The reason I called was to ask about the plans for Saturday.
reason behind
He explained the reasons behind the decision.
for reasons of something
The bridge is closed for reasons of safety.
reason to do something
This work gives me a reason to live.
there is no reason to do something
There is no reason whatsoever to doubt her story.
by reason of something formal (=because of something)
a person disqualified by reason of age
Do not say ‘the reason of’ something. Say the reason for something. Do not say ‘the reason because’ something happens. Say the reason why/that something happens.

2. GOOD OR FAIR [uncountable] a fact that makes it right or fair for someone to do something
(no) reason to do something
There is no reason to panic.
She has reason to feel guilty.
We have reason to believe that the goods were stolen.
I know I’m late, but that’s no reason to shout at me.
Under the circumstances, we had every reason (=had very good reasons) to be suspicious.
with (good) reason (=based on something sensible)
Natalie was alarmed by the news, and with reason.

3. all the more reason why/to do something spoken used to say that what has just been mentioned is an additional reason for doing what you have suggested:
But surely that’s all the more reason to act quickly.

4. GOOD JUDGMENT [uncountable] sensible judgment and understanding Synonym : sense:
There’s reason in what he says.
They’re not prepared to listen to reason (=be persuaded by someone’s sensible advice).
There’s no way of making my grandfather see reason (=accept advice and make a sensible decision).

5. within reason within sensible limits:
You can go anywhere you want, within reason.

6. go/be beyond (all) reason to be more than is acceptable or reasonable:
Their demands go beyond all reason.

7. ABILITY TO THINK [uncountable] the ability to think, understand, and form judgments that are based on facts:
the human power of reason
lose your reason old-fashioned (=become mentally ill)

8. no reason spoken used when someone asks you why you are doing something and you do not want to tell them:
‘Why d’you want to go that way?‘ ’Oh, no reason.'
no rhyme or reason at rhyme1(4), ⇒ it stands to reason at stand1(32)

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II. reason2 verb
[Word Family: noun: reason, reasoning, reasonableness; adjective: reasonableunreasonable, reasoned; verb: reason; adverb: reasonablyunreasonably]

1. [transitive] to form a particular judgment about a situation after carefully considering the facts
reason (that)
They reasoned that other businesses would soon copy the idea.

2. [intransitive] to think and make judgments:
the ability to reason
reason something ↔ out phrasal verb
to find an explanation or solution to a problem, by thinking of all the possibilities Synonym : work out
reason with somebody phrasal verb
to talk to someone in an attempt to persuade them to be more sensible:
I tried to reason with her.

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I. cause/motive/justification; explanation of sth
ADJ. cogent, good, sound, strong | compelling, convincing | plausible | adequate, sufficient | bona fide, legitimate, valid | wrong He married her for all the wrong reasons.
opposite Tom's problem was that he lacked confidence; Ed failed for precisely the opposite reason.
important | special | chief, main, major, primary, principal | only, simple, sole The only reason I didn't become a professional golfer was because of my family commitments. I was never good at playing the trumpet for the simple reason that I never practised.
real, underlying She did not tell him the real reason for her change of heart. The underlying reasons for these differences will be explored in depth in the next chapter.
very There is an assumption that a state will protect its citizens. That is the very reason for the existence of states.
apparent, particular He was attacked for no apparent reason.
no earthly, (no) possible Surely there is no earthly reason why you wouldn't want to come with us?
clear, obvious The reasons for her decision soon became clear.
unclear | logical | understandable | justifiable | inexplicable, unexplained, unknown For some unexplained reason the pilot jettisoned all his fuel shortly after take-off.
unspecified | unconnected dismissal for reasons unconnected with redundancy
personal | sentimental | selfish | professional | commercial, economic, financial, legal, political, social, technical | practical, pragmatic | security | health | humanitarian
VERB + REASON be aware of, see We see no reason why this band shouldn't be a huge success.
have I don't know why he did that, but I'm sure he had his reasons. I have no reason to believe that she was lying to me.
cite, give (sb/sth), set out, state Give me one good reason why I should help you. In the letter she carefully set out her reasons for leaving.
cite sth as, give sth as | suggest | explain | understand | uncover
PREP. by ~ of (formal) persons in need of care by reason of (= because of) old age
for a/the ~ procedures carried out for reasons of national security
for ~ of (formal) For reasons of security, you are requested to keep your luggage with you at all times.
with/without ~ They complained about the food, and with good reason (= rightly).
~ against There are obvious reasons against such a move.
~ behind We are trying to uncover the reasons behind her decision.
~ for They didn't give any reason for the delay.
PHRASES all the more reason If he's unwell, that's all the more reason to go and see him.
all sorts of reasons People buy things for all sorts of reasons.
any/every/little/no/one/some reason I know you're angry with me, and you have every reason (= very good reasons) to be.
for reasons best known to yourself For reasons best known to herself she has turned down the offer.
for whatever reason people who, for whatever reason, are unable to support themselves
a number/variety of reasons, rhyme or reason There's no rhyme or reason (= logic) to the new opening hours.

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II. power to think logically; what is possible/right
ADJ. human
VERB + REASON lose He seems to have lost all sense and reason.
be open to, listen to, see I tried to persuade her, but she just wouldn't listen to reason.
PREP. beyond ~ He was beyond all reason.
within ~ I'll lend you the money you need?within reason, of course!
PHRASES an appeal to reason The residents hope that an appeal to reason (= asking the rioters to be reasonable) will end the rioting.
it stands to reason It stands to reason (= it is logical) that she wouldn't want them to find out about her personal problems.
the voice of reason She was always the voice of reason, persuading him not to buy things they couldn't afford.

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have a reason
We had many reasons to celebrate.
give a reason
No reason was given for the change.
think of a reason/see a reason
I see no reason why it shouldn’t work.
I can’t think of any reason why she would want to leave.
explain the reasons for something
Explain the reasons for your choice.
a good reason
There is usually a good reason why the price is so cheap.
the main reason
The main reason for the decline in the railways is lack of investment.
a major reason (also a big reason informal)
His personality was a major reason for his success.
A big reason for the decrease in smoking is the ban on cigarette advertising.
the real reason
What do you think was the real reason for their decision?
a valid/legitimate reason (=a good and acceptable reason)
An employer can’t fire someone without a valid reason.
a compelling reason (=a very good reason for doing something)
There are compelling reasons to believe that this is true.
a simple reason (=one that is easy to understand)
I hate mobile phones, for the simple reason that it is now impossible to get away from them.
a logical reason
People don’t always have logical reasons for the things they do.
the only reason
The only reason he’s coming tonight is that I said you’d be here.
for legal/political/medical etc reasons
The boy cannot be named for legal reasons.
for security reasons
The road will be closed for security reasons.
for personal reasons
He resigned for personal reasons.
for sentimental reasons (=because you like someone or something very much)
I wanted to keep the picture for sentimental reasons.
for obvious reasons
This arrangement must be kept secret, for obvious reasons.
for no apparent reason (=for no obvious reason)
He tried to kill me for no apparent reason.
for some reason (or other) (also for some unknown reason) (=for a reason that you do not know)
For some reason she felt like crying.
For some unknown reason, the curtains were always drawn.
for reasons best known to somebody (=used when you do not understand someone’s behaviour)
For reasons best known to herself, she decided to sell the house.
have your reasons (=have a secret reason for doing something)
‘Why did he marry her?’ ‘He must have had his reasons.’

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BAD: What was the reason for the traffic jam?
GOOD: What was the cause of the traffic jam?

Usage Note:
See note at CAUSE 1 (cause)

BAD: My reason of coming here is to improve my English.
GOOD: My reason for coming here is to improve my English.
BAD: There are several good reasons to have children.
GOOD: There are several good reasons for having children.

Usage Note:
reason for (doing) sth : 'He wanted to know the reason for your absence.' 'What reasons do you have for thinking that?'

BAD: The main reason because I am here is to study for my Master's degree.
GOOD: The main reason why I am here is to study for my Master's degree.
GOOD: My main reason for being here is to study for my Master's degree.
BAD: The weather here is always warm and this is the reason because there are so many public swimming pools.
GOOD: The weather here is always warm and this is (the reason) why there are so many public swimming pools.

Usage Note:
reason why (NOT because/how ): 'Most of you are aware of (the reason) why I've called this meeting.'
reason for doing sth : 'Most of you are aware of my reason for calling this meeting.'

BAD: My reason for not buying the car was because it was too expensive.
GOOD: My reason for not buying the car was that it was too expensive.

Usage Note:
the/sb's reason ... is that (NOT is because ): 'Her reason for going all the way to the Bahamas is that she wants some winter sunshine.'

BAD: I don't agree with them by many reasons.
GOOD: I don't agree with them for many reasons.
BAD: The closing date for applications was last Saturday and by this reason we cannot offer you a place on the course.
GOOD: The closing date for applications was last Saturday and for this reason we cannot offer you a place on the course.

Usage Note:
for ... reason/s (NOT by ): 'For these reasons next year's rice harvests are likely to be very disappointing.'

See CAUSE 2 (cause)

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See: in reason , listen to reason , rhyme or reason , stand to reason , within reason

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