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refined /rɪˈfaɪnd/ adjective

پاکشده ، تمیز کرده ، تصفیه شده ، مهذب ، پالوده ، معماری: پالوده ، شیمی: پالوده
- cultured, civilized, cultivated, elegant, polished, polite, well-bred
- pure, clarified, clean, distilled, filtered, processed, purified
- discerning, delicate, discriminating, fastidious, fine, precise, sensitive
Antonyms: earthy

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refined AC /rɪˈfaɪnd/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: refinement, refinery; verb: refine; adjective: refinedunrefined]

1. [usually before noun] a substance that is refined has been made pure by an industrial process ⇒ raw, crude Antonym : unrefined
refined sugar/oil/petroleum

2. someone who is refined is polite and seems to be well-educated or to belong to a high social class – sometimes used humorously:
a refined way of speaking

3. a method or process that is refined has been improved to make it more effective ⇒ sophisticated:
Laser surgery has become much more refined over the last decade.

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