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relaxed /rɪˈlækst/ adjective

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Synonyms: easy-going, casual, comfortable, easy, free and easy, informal, laid-back (informal), leisurely
Antonyms: stiff, tense
Contrasted words: ascetic, austere, severe, stern
Related Words: flexuous, sinuous, gentle, lenient, mild, soft
English Thesaurus: calm, relaxed, chilled-out, laid-back, mellow, ...

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relaxed /rɪˈlækst/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: relaxed, relaxing; verb: relax; noun: relaxation]

1. feeling calm, comfortable, and not worried or annoyed:
Gail was lying in the sun looking very relaxed and happy.
relaxed about
I feel more relaxed about my career than I used to.

2. a situation that is relaxed is comfortable and informal:
There’s a very relaxed atmosphere in the school.

3. not strict, or not feeling that you have to do something in the way that other people think you should do it
a relaxed attitude/manner/style etc
She has a fairly relaxed approach to housework.

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VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem | keep sb
ADV. deeply, extremely, very | completely, perfectly, totally | fairly, quite | apparently, seemingly | enough, sufficiently You need to ensure that a patient feels relaxed enough to discuss things fully.
PREP. about I was very relaxed about the decision.

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