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retire /rɪˈtaɪə $ -ˈtaɪr/ verb

کناررفتن از مسابقه ، عقب رفتن ، کناره گیری کردن ، استراحتگاه ، استراحت کردن ، بازنشسته کردن یا شدن ، پس رفتن ، ورزش: کنار رفتن از دور مسابقه کشتی ، علوم نظامی: عقب نشینی کردن به دلخواه بازنشسته شدن
- stop working, give up work
- withdraw, depart, exit, go away, leave
- go to bed, hit the hay (slang), hit the sack (slang), turn in (informal)
Antonyms: advance, rise
Contrasted words: arise, get out, get up, pile (out), roll out, turn out, uprise
Related Idioms: go beddie-bye, go night-night, hit the hay (or sack)
Related Words: recede, retreat, abandon, relinquish, surrender, yield, discharge, dismiss, drop, leave, quit, resign, terminate, vacate
English Thesaurus: leave, quit, resign, hand in your notice/resignation, retire, ...

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retire S2 W3 /rɪˈtaɪə $ -ˈtaɪr/ verb
[Word Family: noun: retiree, retirement; adjective: retired, retiring; verb: retire]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Old French; Origin: tirer 'to pull']

a) [intransitive] to stop working, usually because you have reached a certain age:
Most people retire at 65.
He was forced to retire early because of poor health.
retire from
I retired from teaching three years ago.
her decision to retire from her position as librarian of the law society
Her drink problem has forced her to retire from public life.
retire as
He retired as a GP last year.
b) [transitive usually passive] to ask someone to stop doing their job, usually because of ill health:
He became ill and was retired early.

2. QUIET PLACE [intransitive] formal to go away to a quiet place
retire to
I retired to my room to think.

3. JURY [intransitive] when a jury in a law court retires, they go away to consider whether someone is guilty or not

4. GAME/RACE [intransitive] to stop competing in a game or race because you are losing or injured:
He had to retire with a neck injury in the second half.

5. BED [intransitive] literary to go to bed

6. ARMY [intransitive] to move back from a battle after being defeated

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ADV. early He is hoping to retire early on medical grounds.
VERB + RETIRE be compelled to, be forced to, be obliged to, have to Anderson was forced to retire because of injury at the age of 26.
be due to, plan to Mr McNeil is due to retire later this month.
decide to
PREP. as He recently retired as head teacher of their school.
at Most women retire at 60.
from She retired from the bank last year.

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BAD: After just two months he retired and went to work for a smaller company.
GOOD: After just two months he resigned and went to work for a smaller company.

Usage Note:
retire = leave your job at the end of your working life, usually because you have reached a particular age: 'In the UK, men usually retire at the age of 65 and women at 60.' 'If you retire early, you won't get your full pension.'
resign = leave your job because you do not like it, because you have found a better one, etc: 'If she doesn't get a salary increase, she's going to resign.'

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