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SALT /sɔːlt/
salt /sɔːlt $ sɒːlt/ noun

نمک طعام ، نمک میوه ، نمک های طبی ، نمکدان(saltshaker) ، نمکزار(salt marsh) ، نمک زده ن به ، نمک پاشیدن ، شور کردن ، معماری: نمک ، شیمی: نمک
- seasoning, flavour, relish, savour, taste
- with a grain or pinch of salt: sceptically, cynically, disbelievingly, suspiciously, with reservations
- salty, brackish, briny, saline

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SALT /sɔːlt/
abbreviation for Strategic Arms Limitation Talks; talks between the US and the former Soviet Union, which aimed to reach agreement about limiting the number of NUCLEAR WEAPONs that each country kept. Two SALT Treaties (=official agreements) were signed: SALT I (1972) and SALT II (1979). ⇒ compare START

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I. salt1 S2 W3 /sɔːlt $ sɒːlt/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: sealt]

1. [uncountable] a natural white mineral that is added to food to make it taste better or to preserve it:
This might need some salt and pepper.
a pinch of salt (=a very small amount)
Could you pass the salt?

2. the salt of the earth someone who is ordinary but good and honest

3. take something with a pinch/grain of salt informal to not completely believe what someone tells you, because you know that they do not always tell the truth:
Most of what he says should be taken with a pinch of salt.

4. [countable] technical a type of chemical substance that is formed when an acid is combined with a base
Epsom salts, smelling salts, old salt, ⇒ rub salt into sb’s wounds at rub1(7), ⇒ worth his/her salt at worth1(10)

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II. salt2 verb [transitive]

1. to add salt to food to make it taste better:
salted peanuts

2. (also salt down) to add salt to food to preserve it
salted pork/meat/fish
The meat is salted to store it through the winter.

3. to put salt on the roads to prevent them from becoming icy
salt something ↔ away phrasal verb
to save money for the future, especially dishonestly by hiding it:
She salted the money away in a secret account.

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III. salt3 adjective [only before noun]

1. preserved with salt:
salt pork

2. salt water water that contains salt, especially naturally in the sea

3. consisting of salt water:
a salt lake

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ADJ. soluble | potassium, sodium, etc. | mineral, rock, sea | common, cooking, table | celery, garlic
QUANT. grain | pinch
VERB + SALT add, put in/on, season sth with, sprinkle (sth with) Don't put so much salt on your chips!
SALT + NOUN crystal | solution | content foods with a high salt content
intake He wants to reduce his salt intake.
cellar, pot, shaker | air, spray, water | marsh | mine
PHRASES high/low in salt, salt and pepper Add salt and pepper to taste (= in the quantity preferred).
 ⇒ Special page at FOOD

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