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base /beɪs/ verb
base noun

Irregular Forms: (pl) bases

پایین ، بدل ، هرکدام از چهار پایگاه بیس بال ، زیربنای پیست اسکی ، باز ، قلیا ، پی ، قاعده در هندسه ، مقر ، کف ، مبنای یکان ، مبنای توزیع ، (pl.bases) ته ، پایه ، زمینه ، اساس ، بنیاد ، پایگاه ، ته ستون ، تکیه گاه ، فرومایه ، (مو). صدای بم ، بنیان نهادن ، مبنا قراردادن ، مبنا ، پست ، شالوده ، علوم مهندسی: بیس ترانزیستور ، باز ، کامپیوتر: مبنا ، عمران: بستر ، معماری: شالوده ، قانون ـ فقه: قلب ، شیمی: باز ، روانشناسی: پایه ، ورزش: وضع کف اسکی ، علوم هوایی: مبنا ، علوم نظامی: باز ، علوم دریایی: پایگاه

: base 10

پایه 01 ، کامپیوتر: decimal

: base 16

پایه16 ، کامپیوتر: hexadecimal

: base 2

پایه2 ، کامپیوتر: binary
الکترونیک: پایه ، مبنا ، کامپیوتر: باز ، شیمی: پایه ، پی ، زمینه ، پایین ، اساس ، تکیه گاه ، بیس ترانزیستور ، علوم مهندسی: بدل ، قلب ، حقوق: هرکدام از چهار پایگاه بیس بال ، پایه ، زیربنای پیست اسکی ، وضع کف اسکی ، ورزشی: پایگاه ، علوم دریایی: باز ، قلیا ، بنیان ، پایه ، مبنا ، هواپیمایی: پی ، پایه ، قاعده در هندسه ، شالوده ، معماری: پایگاه ، تکیه گاه ، مقر ، پایه ، کف ، مبنای یکان ، مبنای توزیع ، ته ، اساس ، باز ، نقشه برداری: ، باز ، شیمی ، : علوم نظامی: بستر ، عمران: پایه ، روانشناسی )pl.bases(: ته ، پایه ، زمینه ، اساس ، بنیاد، پایگاه ، ته ستون ، تکیه گاه ، فرومایه ،( مو ).صدای بم ، بنیان نهادن ، مبنا قراردادن ، مبنا، پست ، شالوده کامپیوتر: مبنا

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- bottom, bed, foot, foundation, pedestal, rest, stand, support
- basis, core, essence, heart, key, origin, root, source
- centre, camp, headquarters, home, post, settlement, starting point, station
- found, build, construct, depend, derive, establish, ground, hinge
- place, locate, post, station
- dishonourable, contemptible, despicable, disreputable, evil, immoral, shameful, sordid, wicked
- counterfeit, alloyed, debased, fake, forged, fraudulent, impure
Antonyms: noble
Contrasted words: honest, honorable, upright, virtuous, ethical, moral, righteous, fair, forbearing, open-minded, patient, reasonable, tolerant, understanding
Related Words: bolster, buttress, framework, prop, stand, stay, support, foot, build, construct, fix, plant, seat, set up, beggarly, lousy, sorry, abominable, disgraceful, loathsome, bad, evil, wicked, base-minded, low-minded, meanspirited, caitiff, cowardly, dastardly, recreant, unworthy, dirty, filthy, degrading, humiliating, ignominious
English Thesaurus: the bottom, the underneath/the underside, base, the foot, bed, ...

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I. base1 S1 W1 /beɪs/ verb
[Word Family: noun: base, the basics, basis; adjective: baseless, basic, based; verb: base; adverb: basically]
[transitive usually passive] to have your main place of work, business etc in a particular place:
The paper had intended to base itself in London.
be based in something
The new organization will be based in Dallas.based
base something on/upon something phrasal verb
to use something as the thing from which something else is developed ⇒ basis:
Their relationship was based upon mutual respect.
an economy based on farming

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II. base2 S2 W2 noun
[Word Family: noun: base, the basics, basis; adjective: baseless, basic, based; verb: base; adverb: basically]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin basis; basis]

1. LOWEST PART [countable usually singular]
a) the lowest part or surface of something Synonym : bottom
base of
There is a door at the base of the tower.
the base of a triangle
a frozen dessert with a biscuit base
a wine glass with a heavy base
The leather of his left trainer was coming away from its rubber base.
b) the lowest point on a plant or part of your body, where it joins another part Synonym : bottom
base of
a hole in the base of the tree
He was killed by an axe blow to the base of his skull.

2. KNOWLEDGE/IDEAS [countable] the most important part of something, from which new ideas develop Synonym : foundation:
India has a good scientific research base.
base for
They were laying the base for a new economic recovery.

3. MILITARY [countable] a place where people in a military organization live and work
military/naval/air base

4. COMPANY/ORGANIZATION [uncountable and countable] the main place from which a person, company, or organization controls their activities
base for
He used the house as a base for his printing business.

5. PEOPLE/GROUPS [countable usually singular] the people, money, groups etc that form the main part of something:
The company has built up a loyal customer base.
By broadening the tax base (=all the people who pay taxes), he could raise more revenues.
an attempt to strengthen the city’s economic base (=things that produce jobs and money)
The country’s manufacturing base (=all the factories, companies etc that produce goods in a country) has shrunk by 20%.power base

6. SUBSTANCE/MIXTURE [singular, uncountable] the main part of a substance, meal etc to which other things are added:
paint with an oil base
base for
Vodka is the base for many cocktails.

7. SPORT [countable] one of the four places that a player must touch in order to get a point in games such as baseball

8. be off base American English informal to be completely wrong:
His estimate for painting the kitchen seems way off base.

9. CHEMICAL [countable] technical a chemical substance that combines with an acid to form a salt

10. NUMBERS [countable usually singular] technical the number in relation to which a number system or mathematical table is built up, for example 10 in the decimal system

11. touch base (with somebody) to talk to someone to find out what is happening about something
—basal adjective
cover (all) the bases at cover1(12)

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III. base3 adjective
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: bas, from Medieval Latin bassus 'short, low']
not having good moral principles:
base attitudes and desires
base metal

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I. lowest part
ADJ. firm, solid, strong
VERB + BASE have The statue has a solid concrete base.

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II. original idea/situation
ADJ. firm, secure, solid, sound, strong | economic, ideological His arguments have a sound economic base.
VERB + BASE have | establish, give sb, provide (sb with) These policies give us a solid base for winning the next election.
use sth as
PREP. ~ for He used the notes as a base for his lecture.

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III. of support/income/power
ADJ. solid, sound | broad, narrow These policies have a broad base of support.
power a politician with a rural power base
commercial, economic, financial, industrial, manufacturing, tax The country has a sound commercial base.
client, customer
VERB + BASE have | develop, expand, improve, increase The company is trying to expand its customer base.
BASE + VERB grow | shrink

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IV. main place
ADJ. excellent, ideal, perfect
VERB + BASE have The company has its base in New York.
establish, set up The company has set up its new base in the north.
BASE + NOUN camp
PREP. ~ for an ideal base for mountain expeditions

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V. military centre
ADJ. foreign Demonstrators demanded the removal of foreign bases.
air, air force, military, missile, NATO, naval, RAF
VERB + BASE have | build, establish The Americans established a naval base on the island in the 1960s.
PREP. at a/the~ equipment kept at the base
on a/the ~ people living on the air force base
to (the) ~ The planes have all returned to base.

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verb PHRASAL VERBS base sth on/upon sth
ADV. closely, firmly | broadly, loosely The novels are all loosely based on the author's life.
largely Their research was based largely on anecdotal evidence.

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a good base
This data provided a good base for further research.
a solid/firm/strong base
A good education should give you a solid base for life.
a sound/secure base
A child needs a responsive mother in order to form a secure base for future development.
a broad base
The first year of the course aims to provide students with a broad base of knowledge.
a knowledge base
You’re building up a knowledge base that you’ll be able to use later.
have a base
Permanent staff have a better base from which to plan their career development.
provide a base
It is essential to provide a sound base from which economic progress can be made.
build a base
By concentrating on our core businesses we will build a strong base from which to exploit future opportunities.
give somebody a base
The training gives you a broad base in actually running an organization.

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BAD: Political stability provides the base for economic development.
GOOD: Political stability provides the basis for economic development.

Usage Note:
base = (1) the main part of something: 'Most of the paints we produce have an oil base.' (2) the lowest part of something: 'The base of the column is made of marble.'
basis = the very important thing from which something else develops or is made possible: 'The basis of a successful marriage is mutual respect.' 'Newton's discoveries provided the basis for future research.'

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BAD: The first role play base on a conversation at a hotel reception desk.
GOOD: The first role play was based on a conversation at a hotel reception desk.

Usage Note:
be based on/upon = be developed from: 'Republican policy is based on the idea that people should compete with each other.' 'The film is based on a popular Bengali novel.'

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