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Sharp, Becky /ˈbeki/
Sharp, Cecil /ˈsesəl, ˈsesɪl/
sharp /ʃɑːp $ ʃɑːrp/ adjective (comparative sharper, superlative sharpest)

نوک دار ، تند ، زننده ، زیرک ، تیز کردن ، هوشیار ، دیز ، معماری: تیز ، ورزش: حاد
- keen, acute, jagged, pointed, serrated, spiky
- sudden, abrupt, distinct, extreme, marked
- clear, crisp, distinct, well-defined
- quick-witted, alert, astute, bright, clever, discerning, knowing, penetrating, perceptive, quick
- dishonest, artful, crafty, cunning, sly, unscrupulous, wily
- cutting, barbed, biting, bitter, caustic, harsh, hurtful
- sour, acid, acrid, hot, piquant, pungent, tart
- acute, intense, painful, piercing, severe, shooting, stabbing
- promptly, exactly, on the dot, on time, precisely, punctually
Antonyms: blunt, dull
Contrasted words: blunted, dulled, unsharpened, dull-witted, unintelligent, foolish, simple, slow, stupid
Related Idioms: sharp as a razor blade, sharp as a knife (or tack), nobody's fool
Related Words: acute, alert, bright, clever, cute, ingenious, original, resourceful, fast, quick, adroit, nimble, sly, unethical, acrimonious, biting, double-edged, incisive, penetrating, piercing, stabbing, stinging, caustic, virulent, vitriolic, intense, severe, smart, drilling, agonizing, excruciating, paralyzing, odorous, strong-scented, strong-smelling, suffocating
English Thesaurus: bitter, sharp, sour, acidic, tangy, ...

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I. Sharp trademark
a brand (=type) of electronic products, that includes televisions, STEREO SYSTEMs, and DVD PLAYERs, made by the Japanese company Sharp

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II. Sharp, Becky /ˈbeki/
the main character in the book Vanity Fair(1847–48) by William Thackeray. She is a clever, attractive, and ambitious young woman (=someone who wants very much to become rich and successful), who treats people cruelly and unfairly to get what she wants.

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III. Sharp, Cecil /ˈsesəl, ˈsesɪl/
(1859–1924) an English folk musician. He started the English Folk Dance Society in 1911 and is famous for having saved a great deal of folk music from being forgotten.

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I. sharp1 S3 W2 /ʃɑːp $ ʃɑːrp/ adjective (comparative sharper, superlative sharpest)
[Word Family: noun: sharpener, sharpness, sharp; adverb: sharp, sharply, sharpish; verb: sharpen; adjective: sharp]
[Language: Old English; Origin: scearp]

1. ABLE TO CUT EASILY having a very thin edge or point that can cut things easily Antonym : blunt:
Make sure you use a good sharp knife.
Its teeth are razor sharp (=very sharp).

2. TURN a sharp turn or bend changes direction suddenly:
We came to a sharp bend in the road.
sharp left/right
Take a sharp left after the church.

3. INCREASE/CHANGE a sharp increase, rise, fall etc happens suddenly and is great in amount Synonym : steep:
a sharp increase in prices
a sharp fall in unemployment

4. DIFFERENCE sharp differences are very big and very noticeable:
sharp differences of opinion
There is a sharp distinction between domestic and international politics.
His honesty is in sharp contrast to (=very different from) some other politicians.

5. PAIN/FEELINGS a sharp pain or feeling is sudden and severe Antonym : dull:
I felt a sharp pain in my back.
I was left with a sharp sense of disappointment.

6. DISAPPROVING speaking in a way that shows you disapprove of something or are annoyed Antonym : mild:
a sharp rebuke
John’s tone was sharp.
The boss can be very sharp with people when she’s busy.
somebody has a sharp tongue (=they speak in a very disapproving way which often upsets people)

7. INTELLIGENT able to think and understand things very quickly, and not easily deceived Antonym : dull, stupid:
a journalist with an extremely sharp mind

8. keep a sharp eye on somebody to watch someone very carefully, especially because you do not trust them:
Keep a sharp eye on the kids at all times!

9. PENCIL having a very thin point that can draw an exact line Antonym : blunt:
Make sure your pencils are sharp before we begin the test.

10. SOUND a sharp sound or cry is loud, short, and sudden:
a sharp cry of pain
a sharp intake of breath

11. TASTE having a slightly bitter taste Antonym : mild:
sharp cheddar cheese
Add mustard to give the dressing a sharper taste.

12. CLOTHES attractive and fashionable Synonym : smart British English:
Tod looked really sharp in his tux.
a sharp suit

13. SHAPE not rounded or curved:
sharp features
Her mother had a sharp little nose.

14. IMAGE/PICTURE if an image or picture is sharp, you can see all the details very clearly Antonym : fuzzy:
The outlines of the trees were sharp and clear.

15. GOOD AT NOTICING THINGS able to see and notice details very well
a sharp eye for detail (=the ability to notice and deal with details)

a) F sharp/D sharp/C sharp etc a musical note that is sharp has been raised by one semitone from the note F, D, C etc
b) if music or singing is sharp, it is played or sung at a slightly higher pitch than it should be ⇒ flat1(9), natural1(10)

17. WEATHER sharp wind/frost a very cold wind or a severe frost:
A sharp wind blew across the lake.

18. sharp practice British English behaviour, especially in business, that is dishonest but not illegal:
He’s been guilty of sharp practice in the past.

19. be on the sharp end (of something) British English informal to experience the worst effects of something:
We were always on the sharp end of clients’ complaints.
—sharpness noun [uncountable]

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II. sharp2 adverb
[Word Family: noun: sharpener, sharpness, sharp; adverb: sharp, sharply, sharpish; verb: sharpen; adjective: sharp]

1. at ten thirty/2 o'clock etc sharp at exactly 10.30, 2.00 etc:
We’re meeting at one thirty sharp.

2. sharp left/right British English if you turn sharp left or right, you make a sudden change of direction to the left or right:
You turn sharp right at the crossroads.

3. look sharp British English old-fashioned used to tell someone to do something quickly:
If you look sharp, you might catch him before he leaves for London.

4. played or sung at a slightly higher pitch than is correct ⇒ flat

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III. sharp3 noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: sharpener, sharpness, sharp; adverb: sharp, sharply, sharpish; verb: sharpen; adjective: sharp]

1. a musical note that has been raised one semitone above the note written

2. the sign (#) in a line of written music, used to show that a musical note should be raised

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I. having a fine edge or point
VERBS be, feel, look, seem | stay | keep sth
ADV. extremely, really, very, wickedly a display of wickedly sharp teeth
pretty, quite, rather
PHRASES as sharp as a razor

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II. very great or sudden
ADV. particularly, very | fairly, quite, rather a fairly sharp rise in the cost of living

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III. able to think/act/understand/see/hear quickly
VERBS be, seem
ADV. extremely, razor, very a razor sharp mind
pretty, quite

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IV. angry/severe
VERBS be, sound Her voice sounded rather sharp.
ADV. very | a bit, quite, rather | suddenly ‘Stick to the facts, ’ said Romanov, his voice suddenly sharp.
PREP. with She was quite sharp with me when I talked during her lecture.

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V. flavour
ADV. extremely, very Raw cranberries are extremely sharp and must always be cooked with a little sugar.
slightly This cheese has a slightly sharp flavour.

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See: look sharp

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