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shopper /ˈʃɒpə $ ˈʃɑːpər/ noun [countable]

خریدار ، مغازه رو ، کاسب خرده فروش
shopper /ˈʃɒpə $ ˈʃɑːpər/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: shop, shopper, shopping; verb: shop]
someone who buys things in shops:
The streets were crowded with shoppers.

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ADJ. average what the average shopper's trolley contains
compulsive | Christmas | window | personal (= sb you pay to do your shopping)
VERB + SHOPPER be crowded with, be packed with, be thronged with The street was thronged with shoppers.
attract, encourage, persuade, tempt encouraging shoppers to leave their cars at home
SHOPPER + VERB rush a busy day in London stores as shoppers rushed to beat the rise in VAT

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