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shopping /ˈʃɒpɪŋ $ ʃɑː-/ noun [uncountable]

خرید ، قانون ـ فقه: خرید
کامپیوتر: خرید ، مغازه

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shopping S2 W3 /ˈʃɒpɪŋ $ ʃɑː-/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: shop, shopper, shopping; verb: shop]

1. the activity of going to shops and buying things:
Late-night shopping is becoming very popular.
shopping expedition/trip
She’s gone on a shopping trip to New York.
I went on a shopping spree (=went shopping and bought a lot of things) at the weekend and spent far too much money.
I’ve got to do some last-minute shopping.
the busy Christmas shopping seasonwindow-shopping

2. do the shopping to go shopping to buy food and other things you need regularly:
I hate doing the shopping at weekends.

3. British English the things that you have just bought from a shop:
Can you help me carry the shopping, please?

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I. food, etc. bought in shops
VERB + SHOPPING be laden with | carry | put away, unpack They unpacked the shopping and put it away.

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II. activity of shopping
ADJ. weekend, weekly, week's I do my weekly shopping on a Saturday.
Christmas | supermarket | home, Internet the move towards home shopping using your computer
late-night | duty-free | window | one-stop the consumers' demand for one-stop shopping (= buying all they need in one place)
VERB + SHOPPING do, go (out) She's doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. I have to go shopping in town this afternoon.
SHOPPING + NOUN bag, basket, trolley | list | arcade, area, centre, complex, facilities, mall, precinct, street the town's main shopping street
expedition, spree, trip She won £10,000 and immediately went on a shopping spree.
hours outside normal shopping hours

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go shopping
She skipped lunch in order to go shopping.
do some/the/your shopping
I thought you wanted to do some shopping.
Christmas shopping
So you've done all your Christmas shopping, have you?
grocery shopping
She even enjoys grocery shopping.
home shopping (=buying things at home, for example from a catalogue)
a shopping expedition/trip
His shopping trip with Uncle Billy had been a thorough success.
a shopping spree (=when you buy a lot of things)
He admits to going on a shopping spree with someone else's credit card.
a shopping list (=a list of what you need to buy, especially of food)
Always take a shopping list so you are not tempted to buy things you do not need.

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BAD: In the afternoon we went for shopping.
GOOD: In the afternoon we went shopping.
BAD: I go to shopping twice a week.
GOOD: I go shopping twice a week.

Usage Note:
go shopping (WITHOUT to/for ): 'Some people fly to London just to go shopping.'
Compare: 'We'd thought we'd go to the shops this afternoon.'

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