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shortly /ˈʃɔːtli $ ˈʃɔːrt-/ adverb

مختصرا" ، بزودی ، کمی
Synonyms: soon, before long, in a little while, presently
Related Words: pronto, quickly
English Thesaurus: soon, in the near future, in no time (at all), in a minute, any minute now, ...

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shortly S3 W3 /ˈʃɔːtli $ ˈʃɔːrt-/ adverb
[Word Family: noun: short, shortage, shortness, shorts, shorty; verb: shorten, short; adverb: short, shortly; adjective: short]

1. soon:
Ms Jones will be back shortly.
shortly before/after something
The accident happened shortly before midday.

2. written speaking in an impatient and unfriendly way Synonym : abruptly:
‘I’ve explained that already,’ Rod said shortly.

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BAD: She spoke very shortly about how they had lived during the war.
GOOD: She spoke very briefly about how they had lived during the war.

Usage Note:
shortly = (1) impatiently; not politely: 'He answered rather shortly that he was NOT the slightest bit interested.' (2) very soon: 'The accident happened shortly after they moved into their new house.'
briefly = for a short time: 'We talked briefly about the financial side of the agreement and then moved on to other matters.'

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