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statement /ˈsteɪtmənt/ noun

عبارت ، ادعاء ، تصریح ، ابلاغ ، کشف ، صورتحساب ، صورتمجلس ، صورت حساب ، اظهاریه ، اعلام کردن ، بیان کردن توضیح دادن ، تاکید کردن ، بیان وضعیت ، اظهار ، بیان ، حکم ، گفته ، بیانیه ، تقریر ، اعلامیه ، شرح ، توضیح ، کامپیوتر: دستور ، عمران: صورت وضعیت ، قانون ـ فقه: قطعنامه ، بازرگانی: اعلامیه ، صورت وضعیت ، صورت حساب ، علوم نظامی: تذکر
الکترونیک: عبارت ، حکم ، گفته ، بیانیه ، دستور ، کامپیوتر: صورت ، صورتحساب ، اعلامیه ، تجارت خارجی: بیان ، اظهار ، بیانیه ، اظهاریه ، اعلامیه ، ادعای ، تصریح ، ابلاغ ، کشف ، صورتحساب ، تقریر ، صورتمجلس ، قطعنامه ، حقوق: اعلامیه ، شرح ، اظهار ، صورت حساب ، صورت وضعیت ، بازرگانی: اظهاریه ، بیانیه ، اعلام کردن ، بیان کردن توضیح دادن ، تاکید کردن ، شرح ، تذکر ، علوم نظامی: صورت وضعیت ، عمران: بیان وضعیت ، صورت حساب ، اقتصاد: اظهار، بیان ، حکم ، گفته ، بیانیه ، تقریر، اعلامیه ، شرح ، توضیح کامپیوتر: دستور

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Synonyms: account, announcement, communication, communiqué, declaration, proclamation, report
Related Words: outgiving, articulation, presentation, presentment, verbalization, vocalization, description, narrative, recital
English Thesaurus: speech, address, talk, lecture, presentation, ...

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I. statement1 S2 W1 /ˈsteɪtmənt/ noun
[Word Family: verb: state, understateoverstate; noun: statement, understatementoverstatement; adjective: understatedOVERSTATED]

1. [countable] something you say or write, especially publicly or officially, to let people know your intentions or opinions, or to record facts:
In an official statement, she formally announced her resignation.
statement on/about
the Prime Minister’s recent statements on Europe

2. [countable] a record showing amounts of money paid, received, owed etc:
the company’s annual financial statements
I haven’t received my bank statement for last month yet.

3. [countable] something you do, make, wear etc that causes people to have a certain opinion about you:
The type of car you drive makes a statement about you.
a fashion statement

4. [uncountable] formal the act of expressing something in words:
presentation and clarity of statement

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II. statement2 verb [transitive]
British English if an education authority statements a child who has special educational needs, they give a school additional money to help teach that child

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III. statement3 adjective [only before noun]
statement pieces of jewellery, shoes etc are very noticeable and impressive - used especially in magazines

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ADJ. brief, short Saunder's lawyer made a brief statement to the press outside the court.
bald, blunt, flat His bald statement that he'd resigned concealed his anxiety about the situation.
comprehensive, definitive, detailed, full | explicit An explicit statement of objectives is vital before the project begins.
clear, simple | bold, firm, positive, strong | explanatory | false, inaccurate, misleading | sweeping She made one of her sweeping statements about foreigners.
joint The two heads of state issued a joint statement.
formal, government, official, public | political They decided to make a political statement by refusing to vote.
oral, signed, sworn, written
VERB + STATEMENT issue, put out, release | give, make He admitted giving a false statement to the police.
take The police will take a statement from each of you.
withdraw | deny
PREP. in a/the ~ In a statement released today, the Department of Health said …
~ about The clothes you wear are a statement about yourself.
~ on a statement on human rights
~ to He's trying to withdraw the statement he made to Parliament last week.

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make a statement (=say something, especially in public)
The minister will make a statement on the matter tomorrow.
give a statement (=make a statement, especially to the police)
He gave a statement to the police.
issue/release/put out a statement (=give a written statement to newspapers, TV etc)
The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a short statement saying the meeting was ‘useful’.
take/get a statement from somebody
I asked the police why they didn’t take a statement from me four years ago.
withdraw your statement (=say that a statement you gave is not true)
She later withdrew her statement.
a short/brief statement
Police last night issued a brief statement about the incident.
a clear statement (=giving an opinion clearly)
The article was a clear statement of his beliefs.
a sweeping statement (=one that is too general)
Researchers do not want to make any sweeping statements at this stage.
a false/misleading statement (=one that is not true)
She is accused of making false statements to obtain a passport.
an official statement
The company is expected to make an official statement tomorrow.
a formal statement (=one you must sign to show that it is true)
You will be asked to make a formal statement.
a public statement (=one made in public)
We will be making no public statements about the matter.
a written statement
One neighbour said in a written statement that she often heard a baby ‘crying for help’.
a prepared statement (=one that is prepared and then read out)
His solicitor read a prepared statement on his behalf.
a sworn statement (=one that you officially promise is true)
The reports were based on sworn statements of graduates of the terrorist training camp.
a policy statement (=one that explains a government policy)
In his first major policy statement to Parliament he promised to end corruption in public life.
a mission statement (=one in which an organization states its aims)
The role of a mission statement is to focus on the purpose of the organization.

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