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strain /streɪn/ noun
strain verb

کرنش، سفت کشیدن، بار، حالت موروثی، سوء استفاده کردن از، افزایش طول نسبی، تغییر شکل، دگردیسی، دگروشی، ازدیاد طول ویژه، ضرب دیدگی، کشش، فشار، درد سخت، تقلا، در رفتگی یا ضرب عضو یا استخوان، اسیب، رگه، صفت موروثی، خصوصیت نژادی، نژاد، اصل، زودبکار بردن، زور زدن، سفت کشیدن، کش دادن، زیاد کشیدن، پیچ دادن، کج کردن، پالودن، صاف کردن، کوشش زیاد کردن، خسته کردن، علوم مهندسی: کرنش، الکترونیک: تغییر شکل، عمران: تغییر شکل نسبی، معماری: انبساط، قانون فقه: تجاوز کردن از، شیمی: کشیدگی، روانشناسی: نژاد، ورزش: کشیدگی، علوم هوایی: تغییر شکل
ارسال ایمیل
الکترونیک: کرنش، کشیدگی، شیمی: کشیدگی، تربیت بدنی: سفت کشیدن، کشیدن، کشش، بار، کرنش، علوم مهندسی: حالت موروثی، سوی استفاده کردن از، تجاوز کردن از، حقوق: تغییر شکل، هواپیمایی: افزایش طول نسبی، تغییر شکل، دگردیسی، دگروشی، ازدیاد طول ویژه، انبساط، معماری: تغییر شکل نسبی، عمران: فشار، ضرب دیدگی، نژاد، روانشناسی: تغییر شکل، الکترونیک: کشش، زور، فشار، کوشش، درد سخت، تقلا، در رفتگی یا ضرب عضو یا استخوان، اسیب، رگه، صفت موروثی، خصوصیت نژادی، نژاد، اصل، زودبکار بردن، زور زدن، سفت کشیدن، کش دادن، زیاد کشیدن، پیچ دادن، کج کردن، پالودن، صاف کردن، کوشش زیاد کردن، خسته کردنزیست شناسی: سویه، گروهی از حیوانات در داخل یک نژاد که صفات مشترکشان آنها را از سایر افراد درون همان نژاد مجزا می کند

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- stretch, distend, draw tight, tauten, tighten
- overexert, injure, overtax, overwork, pull, sprain, tax, tear, twist, wrench
- strive, bend over backwards (informal), endeavour, give it one's best shot (informal), go for it (informal), knock oneself out (informal), labour, struggle
- sieve, filter, purify, sift
- stress, anxiety, burden, pressure, tension
- exertion, effort, force, struggle
- injury, pull, sprain, wrench
- breed, ancestry, blood, descent, extraction, family, lineage, race
- trace, streak, suggestion, tendency
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English Thesaurus: break, smash, snap, split, fracture, ...

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I. strain1 W3 /streɪn/ noun
[Sense 1-4: Date: 1500-1600; Origin: strain2]
[Sense 5-8: Language: Old English; Origin: streon 'gain']

1. WORRY [uncountable and countable] worry that is caused by having to deal with a problem or work too hard over a long period of time ⇒ stress:
I couldn’t look after him any more; the strain was too much for me.
Did you find the job a strain?
the stresses and strains of police life
strain for
The trial has been a terrible strain for both of us.
strain on
It’s quite a strain on me when he’s drinking heavily.
put/place a strain on somebody
The long working hours put a severe strain on employees.
under (a) strain
I know you’ve been under a lot of strain lately.
crack/collapse/buckle etc under the strain (=become unable to deal with a problem or work)
I could see that she was beginning to crack under the strain.

2. DIFFICULTY [uncountable and countable] a difficulty or problem that is caused when a person, relationship, organization, or system has too much to do or too many problems to deal with
strain on
The dry summer has further increased the strain on water resources.
put/place (a) strain on something
The flu epidemic has put a huge strain on the health service.
strain in
The attack has led to strains in the relationship between the two countries.
under (a) strain
His marriage was under strain.
break/crack/collapse etc under the strain
The party split under the strain.

3. FORCE [uncountable] a situation in which something is being pulled or pushed, or is holding weight, and so might break or become damaged
strain on
The strain on the cables supporting the bridge is enormous.
put/place (a) strain on something
Some of these exercises put too much strain on the back muscles.
These four posts take the strain of the whole structure.
break/snap/collapse etc under the strain
The rope snapped under the strain.

4. INJURY [uncountable and countable] an injury to a muscle or part of your body that is caused by using it too much:
Long hours working at a computer can cause eye strain.
The goalkeeper is still out of action with a knee strain.

5. PLANT/ANIMAL [countable] a type of animal, plant, or disease
strain of
different strains of wheat
a new strain of the flu virus

6. QUALITY [singular] a particular quality which people have, especially one that is passed from parents to children
strain of
There’s a strain of madness in his family.

7. WAY OF SAYING SOMETHING [singular] formal an amount of a feeling that you can see in the way someone speaks, writes, paints etc:
a strain of bitterness in Young’s later work

8. strains of something literary the sound of music being played:
We sipped wine to the strains of Beethoven.

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II. strain2 verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: estraindre, from Latin stringere; stringent]

1. INJURE [transitive] to injure a muscle or part of your body by using it too much or making it work too hard:
I’ve strained a muscle in my leg
You’ll strain your eyes trying to read in this light.

2. EFFORT [intransitive and transitive] to try very hard to do something using all your strength or ability
strain (something) to do something
She was straining to keep her head above the water.
strain for
Bill choked and gasped, straining for air.
strain your ears/eyes (=try very hard to hear or see)
I strained my ears, listening for any sound in the silence of the cave.

3. LIQUID [transitive] to separate solid things from a liquid by pouring the mixture through something with very small holes in it ⇒ sieve:
She strained the pasta.

4. DIFFICULTY [transitive] to cause difficulties for something by making too much work or too many problems which it cannot deal with easily:
The increased costs will certainly strain our finances.
The incident has strained relations between the two countries.
I felt that my patience was being strained to the limit.

5. PULL/PUSH [intransitive] to pull hard at something or push hard against something
strain against
Buddy’s huge gut strained against the buttons on his shirt.
strain at
a dog straining at its lead

6. strain every nerve to try as hard as possible to do something:
He was straining every nerve to impress the judges.

7. be straining at the leash to be eager to be allowed to do something:
There are 30,000 troops in the area, all straining at the leash.

8. not strain yourself to not work too hard or do too much physical activity – often used in an ironic way:
Don’t strain yourself.

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I. severe demand on strength, resources, etc.
ADJ. considerable, enormous, great, heavy, real, severe, terrible, tremendous It's a real strain having to get up so early!
slight | increasing | constant | excessive, intolerable, unbearable, undue | emotional, financial, mental, nervous, physical, psychological The mental strain of sharing an office with Alison was starting to tell.
breaking a fishing line with a 15lb breaking strain
VERB + STRAIN be/come under, feel, suffer (from) Television newsreaders come under enormous strain. After weeks of overtime, she was starting to feel the strain.
cause, create, impose, place, put Increasing demand is placing undue strain on services.
ease, reduce | cope with, stand, take | increase
STRAIN + VERB show, take its toll (on sb), tell (on sb) After six weeks of uncertainty, the strain was beginning to take its toll.
PREP. under the ~ The ice gave way under the strain. He broke under the strain of having to work twelve hours a day.
~ on There's too much strain on the corner of the table.
PHRASES a bit of a strain I found it a bit of a strain making conversation with her.
signs of strain After three years, their marriage was beginning to show signs of strain.
stresses and strains the stresses and strains of a long day
take the strain off sb/out of sth The new scheme is designed to take the strain out of shopping.

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II. injury
ADJ. bad | slight | back, eye, muscle, thigh, etc.
VERB + STRAIN have, be suffering from | get You'll get eye strain if you don't put the light on.
recover from, shake off Gerrard will play if he can shake off a slight thigh strain.

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I. make a great effort to do sth
ADV. hard straining hard to understand
forward I strained forward to get a better view.
VERB + STRAIN have to
PREP. against The dogs were straining against the sledge.
at Several men were straining at a rope, trying to move the stalled vehicle.
for Their ears strained for any slight sound.
PHRASES strain to hear/see sth We had to strain to hear what was being said.

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II. put a lot of pressure on sth
ADV. seriously, severely The dispute severely strained relations between the two countries.

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great/considerable/severe strain
The country’s health system is under great strain.
a terrible strain
It’s been a terrible strain.
an intolerable strain (=too great to bear)
The cost of these wars put an intolerable strain on the economy.
undue strain (=too much strain)
How much can you invest without putting any undue strain on your finances?
emotional strain
She has been suffering from considerable emotional strain.
financial strain
This welfare program has eased the financial strain of raising children alone.
put/place (a) strain on somebody/something
Living with my parents put quite a strain on our marriage.
crack/collapse/buckle etc under the strain (=become unable to continue normally because of the strain)
They are worried that the court system might collapse under the strain.
ease the strain (=make it less)
You can do much to ease the strain of the situation for her.
be under (a) strain
Claudia could see that he was under considerable strain.
stresses and strains
Holidays help people to cope with the stresses and strains of life.

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