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succeed /səkˈsiːd/ verb

کامیاب شدن ، موفق شدن ، نتیجه بخشیدن ، بدنبال امدن ، بطور توالی قرار گرفتن
- make it (informal), be successful, crack it (informal), flourish, make good, make the grade (informal), prosper, thrive, triumph, work
- follow, come next, ensue, result
Antonyms: precede, fail, flop
Contrasted words: dwindle, languish, fall down, flounder, founder, lose (out), bust
Related Idioms: go over big, go over with a bang, hit the mark, make a hit, turn out well, do all right by oneself, do well, gain one's end, get places, get somewhere, get to the top of the ladder, make a success, make it (big), make one's mark, make the big time, make the grade
Related Words: catch on, prevail, dow, get ahead, boom, achieve, attain, gain, reach, accomplish, effect, fulfill, conquer, triumph, win (out)
English Thesaurus: succeed, manage, achieve, accomplish, make it, ...

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succeed S3 W2 /səkˈsiːd/ verb
[Word Family: noun: success, succession, successor; adjective: successfulunsuccessful, successive; verb: succeed; adverb: successfullyunsuccessfully]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: succedere 'to go up, follow after, succeed', from sub- 'near' + cedere 'to go']

1. [intransitive] to do what you tried or wanted to do:
She wanted to be the first woman to climb Mount Everest, and she almost succeeded.
succeed in doing something
Scientists claim they have succeeded in finding a cure for cancer.
Very few people succeed in losing weight and keeping it off.
Do not say ‘succeed to do something’. Say succeed in doing something.

In everyday English, people often say they manage to do something rather than succeed in doing something:
Eventually I managed to get the lid back on the box.

2. [intransitive] to have the result or effect something was intended to have:
The drug therapy has not succeeded.

In everyday English, people often say that a method or treatment works rather than succeeds:
We tried rebooting the computer, but that didn’t work.

3. [intransitive] to do well in your job, especially because you have worked hard at it for a long time
succeed as
I’m not sure he has the determination to succeed as an actor.
succeed in
a woman who succeeded in politics

4. [intransitive and transitive] to be the next person to take a position or job after someone else
succeed somebody as something
Reeves will succeed Segal as Speaker of the House.
succeed somebody to the throne (=to be the next king or queen after someone else)
Who will succeed him to the throne?

5. [transitive] to come after or replace something else, especially another product:
This car is intended to succeed the popular Fiesta.

6. nothing succeeds like success used to say that success often leads to even greater success

7. only succeed in doing something used when someone does the opposite of what they intended to do:
It seems I’ve only succeeded in upsetting you.

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I. manage to achieve what you want; do well
ADV. admirably, brilliantly, well The plan succeeded pretty well.
not quite | nearly They very nearly succeeded in blowing up the parliament building.
largely We feel that we have largely succeeded in our aims.
partially, partly | eventually, finally | apparently | academically the pressure on children to succeed academically
VERB + SUCCEED be likely/unlikely to The appeal is unlikely to succeed.
be determined to, hope to, want to No company can hope to succeed at everything.
PREP. against to succeed against serious opposition
at She can teach you how to succeed at tennis.
in She has succeeded in a difficult career. We succeeded in repairing the engine.
with hints on how to succeed with interior design

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II. have a job/position after sb else
VERB + SUCCEED appoint sb to, elect sb to He was appointed to succeed Sir Georg Solti as head of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
be tipped to
PREP. as He was widely tipped to succeed William Hague as leader of the party.
to She succeeded to the throne in 1558.

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BAD: Not many of us succeed to achieve our ambitions.
GOOD: Not many of us succeed in achieving our ambitions.

Usage Note:
succeed in doing sth (NOT to do sth ): 'Having finally succeeded in mounting the horse, I was determined to stay on it.'

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See: howling success , nothing succeeds like success

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