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successful /səkˈsesfəl/ adjective

کامیاب ، موفق ، پیروز ، نیک انجام ، عاقبت بخیر
Synonyms: thriving, booming, flourishing, fortunate, fruitful, lucky, profitable, prosperous, rewarding, top, victorious
Antonyms: successless, unsuccessful
Contrasted words: failing, thriveless, unprosperous, defeated, disappointed, failed, frustrated, bankrupt, broken, destroyed, ruined
Related Idioms: crowned (or blessed or flushed) with success, out front
Related Words: extraordinary, notable, noteworthy, outstanding, smash, smashing
English Thesaurus: successful, effective, victorious, promising, thriving, ...

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successful S2 W1 /səkˈsesfəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: success, succession, successor; adjective: successfulunsuccessful, successive; verb: succeed; adverb: successfullyunsuccessfully]

1. achieving what you wanted, or having the effect or result you intended:
The operation was successful.
a highly successful (=very successful) meeting
successful in (doing) something
Were you successful in persuading him to change his mind?

2. a successful business, film, product etc makes a lot of money:
The show’s had a pretty successful run.
a highly successful (=very successful) product

3. a successful person earns a lot of money or is very well known and respected:
Arthur was a highly successful (=very successful) businessman.
successful in
He later became successful in politics.
successful as
I think she’ll be successful as a photographer.
—successfully adverb:
He successfully completed a master’s degree.

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VERBS be, prove, seem | become
ADV. astonishingly, enormously, extremely, highly, hugely, outstandingly, particularly, phenomenally, remarkably, spectacularly, very his phenomenally successful period as manager
not entirely Their attempts had not been entirely successful.
fairly, moderately, partially, quite, rather, relatively The operation was only partially successful.
academically, commercially, politically a politically successful manoeuvre
PREP. at Though a top-rated movie star he has been remarkably successful at keeping his private life private.
in hoping their party would be successful in the elections

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