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sympathetic /ˌsɪmpəˈθetɪk◂/ adjective

همدرد ، دلسوز ، شفیق ، غمخوار ، موافق
زیست شناسی: سمپاتیکی

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- caring, compassionate, concerned, interested, kind, pitying, supportive, understanding, warm
- like-minded, agreeable, companionable, compatible, congenial, friendly
Antonyms: unsympathetic
Contrasted words: ill-disposed, unfriendly, unreceptive, cool, indifferent, lukewarm, neutral
Related Words: agreeable, congenial, favorable, amenable, open, open-minded, receptive, responsive, benign, benignant, kind, kindly, appreciating, comprehending, understanding
English Thesaurus: kind, nice, generous, considerate, thoughtful, ...

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sympathetic /ˌsɪmpəˈθetɪk◂/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: sympathy, sympathizer; verb: sympathize; adverb: sympathetically; adjective: sympatheticunsympathetic]

1. caring and feeling sorry about someone’s problems:
a sympathetic friend
a sympathetic attitude
sympathetic to/towards
I’m sympathetic to parents who are worried about what their children see on television.
We hope always to provide a friendly sympathetic ear (=someone willing to listen to someone else’s problems).

2. [not before noun] willing to give approval and support to an aim or plan
sympathetic to/towards
Senator Capp is very sympathetic to environmental issues.

3. sympathetic figure/character literary someone in a book, play etc who most people like

4. providing the right conditions for someone Antonym : hostile:
a sympathetic environment
—sympathetically /-kli/ adverb:
Jill smiled sympathetically.

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I. showing you understand sb's feelings
VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem, sound | become | find sb I found the doctors quite sympathetic.
ADV. deeply, extremely, genuinely, immensely, truly, very a patient and deeply sympathetic man He sounded genuinely sympathetic.
largely | fairly, pretty, quite | suitably She made suitably sympathetic noises down the phone.
PREP. about My boss is being very sympathetic about my problems.
to They were extremely sympathetic to my plight.
towards I did not feel sympathetic towards them.

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II. in agreement with sb/sth
VERBS appear, be, seem
ADV. deeply, extremely, highly, very | entirely | less than | broadly, generally, quite | politically
PREP. to The government is broadly sympathetic to our ideas.

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BAD: He's a selfish, greedy little man and not at all sympathetic.
GOOD: He's a selfish, greedy little man and not at all likeable.

Usage Note:
sympathetic = feeling or showing sympathy: 'He expected people to be sympathetic because he was an orphan.'
likeable = easy to like: 'If Philip weren't so arrogant, he'd be quite likeable.'

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