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sympathize (also sympathise) /ˈsɪmpəθaɪz/ verb [intransitive]

همدردی یا همفکری کردن ، جانبداری کردن
- feel for, commiserate, condole, pity
- agree, side with, understand
English Thesaurus: sympathize, feel sorry for somebody, understand, pit

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sympathize (also sympathise British English) /ˈsɪmpəθaɪz/ verb [intransitive]
[Word Family: noun: sympathy, sympathizer; verb: sympathize; adverb: sympathetically; adjective: sympatheticunsympathetic]

1. to feel sorry for someone because you understand their problems:
I sympathize, but I don’t know how to help.
sympathize with
I can sympathize with those who have lost loved ones.

2. to support someone’s ideas or actions
sympathize with
The public sympathized with the miners’ strike.

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I. understand sb's feelings/problems
ADV. deeply, really I sympathize deeply with his family.
VERB + SYMPATHIZE can/could I can really sympathize with John.
be easy to, be hard not to It is hard not to sympathize with her dilemma.
PREP. with We sympathized with the bereaved family.

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II. agree with sb
ADV. entirely, fully
PREP. with I entirely sympathize with this view.

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