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thick /θɪk/ adjective (comparative thicker, superlative thickest)

کلفت ، ستبر ، صخیم ، غلیظ ، سفت ، انبوه ، گل الود ، تیره ، ابری ، گرفته ، زیاد ، پرپشت
- wide, broad, bulky, fat, solid, substantial
- dense, close, compact, concentrated, condensed, heavy, impenetrable, opaque
- stupid, brainless, dense, dopey (informal), moronic, obtuse, slow, thickheaded
- friendly, close, devoted, familiar, inseparable, intimate, pally (informal)
- full, brimming, bristling, bursting, covered, crawling, packed, swarming, teeming
- a bit thick: unfair, unjust, unreasonable
Antonyms: diffuse
Contrasted words: slender, slight, slim, lanky, spare, skeletal, dispersed, scattered
Related Idioms: hand in glove, thick as thieves, a little too thick
Related Words: broad, wide, bulky, burly, husky, blubber, blubbery, massive, obese, concentrated, crammed, localized

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I. thick1 S2 W2 /θɪk/ adjective (comparative thicker, superlative thickest)
[Word Family: noun: thick, thickness, thickener, thickening, thicko; verb: thicken; adverb: thickly; adjective: thick]
[Language: Old English; Origin: thicce]

if something is thick, there is a large distance or a larger distance than usual between its two opposite surfaces or sides Antonym : thin:
a thick oak door
a thick slice of homemade bread
He was wearing thick glasses.
short thick fingers
thick wool socks (=socks that are heavy and warm)
If you want a thicker blanket, there are more here in the closet.
The meat is done when the thickest part turns from pink to white.
thick with
The furniture was thick with dust (=there was thick dust on the furniture).

2. MEASUREMENT measuring a particular distance between two opposite sides or surfaces of something
3 feet/1 cm/two inches etc thick
The walls are about two meters thick.
How thick should the glass in the tank be?
This layer of brain tissue is no thicker than 2 mm.

3. TREES/BUSHES ETC growing very close together or having a lot of leaves Synonym : dense:
birds hiding in the thick undergrowth
thick with
The walls were thick with ivy.

4. SMOKE/CLOUD ETC filling the air, and difficult to see through or breathe in Synonym : dense:
thick fog
thick with
The air was thick with cigarette smoke.

5. LIQUID almost solid, and therefore flowing very slowly, or not flowing at all:
For a thicker gravy, add more flour.
The paint is too thick.

6. HAIR/FUR having a lot of hair or fur:
She ran her fingers through her thick brown hair.

7. STUPID British English informal a thick person is stupid:
He’s a nice guy, but he’s a bit thick.
(as) thick as two short planks (=very stupid)

a) if someone has a thick accent, the way they speak shows clearly which particular place or part of a country they come from
a thick German/Yorkshire etc accent
Olga speaks English with a thick Russian accent.
b) if someone’s voice is thick, it is not as clear or high as usual, for example because they are upset:
Bill’s voice was thick and gruff.
thick with
Her voice was thick with emotion.

9. LARGE AMOUNT especially written containing a lot of people or things:
The cod were so thick in the water that they caught thousands very quickly.
thick with
The roads were thick with holiday traffic.

10. be thick on the ground British English to be present or available in large amounts or numbers Antonym : thin on the ground:
Cheap houses aren’t as thick on the ground as they used to be.

11. have a thick skin to not care if people criticize you or do not like you ⇒ thick-skinned

12. FRIENDLY be (as) thick as thieves if two people are as thick as thieves, they are very friendly with each other and seem to share a lot of secrets, making other people think they are hiding or planning something:
Lately Nick and Lou have been as thick as thieves.

13. give somebody a thick ear/get a thick ear British English spoken to hit someone or be hit on the head, as a punishment:
Any more cheek from you and you’ll get a thick ear.

14. be thick with somebody old-fashioned to be very friendly with someone

15. (it’s) a bit thick British English old-fashioned used to say something is a little unfair or annoying

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II. thick2 adverb

1. thickly. Many teachers think this is not correct English:
peanut butter spread thick

2. thick and fast arriving or happening very frequently, in large amounts or numbers:
Entries have been coming in thick and fast.
lay it on (a bit thick) at LAY ON(3)

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III. thick3 noun
[Word Family: noun: thick, thickness, thickener, thickening, thicko; verb: thicken; adverb: thickly; adjective: thick]

1. in the thick of something involved in the busiest, most active, most dangerous etc part of a situation:
Brown hopes to be back in the thick of the action as soon as possible.

2. through thick and thin in spite of any difficulties or problems:
Then, families stuck together through thick and thin.

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I. of solid things/growing things
VERBS be, feel, look, seem
ADV. extremely, really, very | fairly, quite, rather, relatively Use fairly thick wads of newspaper.
enough, sufficiently a screen of trees thick enough to conceal the building entirely

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II. of liquid
VERBS be, look, seem | become, get The paint's got too thick. I'll have to thin it down.
ADV. very | fairly, quite, rather | enough, sufficiently

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III. of fog/smoke/air
VERBS be, feel, look, seem | become, grow The air had grown thick and smoky.
ADV. very | fairly, quite, rather
PREP. with The air was thick with dust. (figurative) The atmosphere was thick with tension.

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to be dumb, to be unreasonable
My colleague is a little thick and never understands what I want to say.

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See: blood is thicker than water , lay it on or lay it on thick , through thick and thin

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