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title /ˈtaɪtl/ noun

مستند ، مالکیت ، حق یا ادعا ، باب ، فصل ، عیار ، عوض ، مقابل ، دارنده عنوان قهرمانی ، کنیه ، سمت ، اسم ، مقام ، حق ، استحقاق ، سند ، صفحه عنوان کتاب ، عنوان نوشتن ، واگذارکردن ، عنوان دادن به ، لقب دادن ، نام نهادن ، قانون ـ فقه: عنوان ، نامگذاری و نام ، بازرگانی: اسم ، عنوان ، ورزش: درجه
کامپیوتر: عنوان

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- name, designation, handle (slang), moniker or monicker (slang), term
- championship, crown
- ownership, claim, entitlement, prerogative, privilege, right
Related Words: argument, ground, justification, proof, reason, desert, due, merit

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title S3 W1 /ˈtaɪtl/ noun
[Word Family: noun: title, subtitle, subtitles, entitlement; verb: entitle, subtitle; adjective: titled, subtitled]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin titulus]

1. [countable] the name given to a particular book, painting, play etc
title of
The title of this play is ‘Othello’.

In everyday English, people usually say that something is called ..., rather than saying its title is ...:
The play's title is 'Blasted'. ➔ The play is called 'Blasted'.

2. [countable] a book:
the UK’s 20 best-selling titles

3. [countable]
a) a name such as ‘Sir’ or ‘Professor’, or abbreviations such as ‘Mrs’ or ‘Dr’, that are used before someone’s name to show their rank or profession, whether they are married etc
b) a name that describes someone’s job or position:
Her official title is editor.

4. [countable] the position of being the winner of an important sports competition:
Tyson won the WBA title in 1987.

5. [singular, uncountable] law the legal right to have or own something
title to
He has title to the land.

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I. name of a book, film, etc.
ADJ. book, essay, film, song
VERB + TITLE give sth
TITLE + NOUN page | role He played the title role in ‘Hamlet’.
track ‘Birth’, the title track of his latest album
PREP. under a/the ~ She published her poetry under the title ‘The Land and the Garden’.

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II. book, magazine, etc.
ADJ. new Forty per cent of new titles were actually new editions of existing books.
VERB + TITLE publish The company is publishing fewer titles than last year.

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III. name of a rank/profession
ADJ. grand, long She bears the grand title ‘Divisional President of the Finances Committee’.
courtesy, diplomatic, honorary, honorific, official ‘Mrs’ was a courtesy title for any unmarried woman in business at that time. ‘Minister’ is one of several diplomatic titles.
job His job title is Special Projects Officer.
full Victor Oldenburg, or Count Victor Oldenburg and Hess, to give him his full title
VERB + TITLE bear, have, inherit She has a title (= is of noble birth).
award, bestow, confer The king bestowed lands and titles upon his followers.

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IV. championship win
ADJ. European, national, world, etc. | championship, French Open, Premier League, etc. | heavyweight, middleweight, etc.
VERB + TITLE clinch, win Deportivo clinched the title with a goal in the final seconds of the last game of the season.
hold He held the world heavyweight title until last year.
defend | retain | lose
TITLE + NOUN challenge, fight, match He has been building up fitness for his world title challenge.
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BAD: The newspaper titles were all about the earthquake.
GOOD: The newspaper headlines were all about the earthquake.

Usage Note:
title = the name of a book, play, painting, piece of music etc: 'I can remember the title of the book but not the author.'
headline = the heading above a report in a newspaper, especially at the top of the front page: 'Have you seen today's headlines? There's been another car bomb in London.'

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