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toast /təʊst $ toʊst/ noun
toast verb [transitive]

نان برشته ، باده نوشی بسلامتی کسی ، برشته کردن (نان) ، بسلامتی کسی نوشیدن ، سرخ شدن
warm, brown, grill, heat, roast
- tribute, compliment, health, pledge, salutation, salute
- favourite, darling, hero or heroine
- drink to, drink (to) the health of, salute
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I. toast1 S3 /təʊst $ toʊst/ noun
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: toast2; ]
[Sense 2: Origin: from the use of pieces of toast to add to the taste of drink]

1. [uncountable] bread that has been heated so that it is brown on both sides and no longer soft:
I had a piece of toast for breakfast.

2. [countable] if you drink a toast to someone, you drink something in order to thank them, wish them luck etc:
I’d like to propose a toast (=ask people to drink a toast) to the bride and groom.

3. be the toast of Broadway/Hollywood etc to be very popular and praised by many people for something you have done in a particular field of work

4. warm as toast British English very warm and comfortable:
They sat near the fire, warm as toast.

5. be toast informal to be in trouble because of something you have done:
If you challenge her, you’re toast.
French toast

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II. toast2 verb [transitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: toster, from Late Latin tostare 'to roast', from Latin tostus, past participle of torrere; torrid]

1. to drink a glass of wine etc to thank someone, wish someone luck, or celebrate something
toast somebody/something with something
They toasted the birth of their new baby with champagne.

2. to make bread or other food brown by placing it close to heat:
I toasted the cheese sandwiches.

3. to sit near a fire to make yourself warm:
Tom was toasting his feet by the fire.

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I. bread
ADJ. brown, white, wholemeal | dry | soggy
QUANT. piece, round, slice We'll have another round of toast, please.
VERB + TOAST make making toast for breakfast
butter, spread buttered toast She ate two slices of toast spread with jam.
burn I can smell burnt toast.
PREP. on ~ For lunch we had cheese on toast.

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II. drink
VERB + TOAST make, propose He raised his glass as if to make a toast.
drink | respond to
PREP. ~ to The bridegroom ended his speech by proposing a toast to the hosts.

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I. make sth brown and crisp by heating it
ADV. lightly Toast the bread lightly on both sides.

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II. drink to sb/sth
ADV. silently He raised his glass, silently toasting his absent son.
PREP. in/with We toasted his victory in champagne.

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BAD: I usually have a cup of coffee and a toast for breakfast.
GOOD: I usually have a cup of coffee and some toast for breakfast.
BAD: You make some toasts and I'll set the table.
GOOD: You make some toast and I'll set the table.

Usage Note:
Toast is an uncountable noun: 'There's some toast for you in the kitchen.' 'How many pieces/slices of toast would you like?'

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