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warmth /wɔːmθ $ wɔːrmθ/ noun [uncountable]

گرمی ، حرارت ، تعادل گرما ، ملایمت
- heat, hotness, warmness
- affection, amorousness, cordiality, heartiness, kindliness, love, tenderness

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warmth /wɔːmθ $ wɔːrmθ/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: warmth, the warm, warmer, warming; adverb: warmly, warm; adjective: warm, warming; verb: warm]
[Date: 1100-1200; Origin: warm]

1. the heat something produces, or when you feel warm
warmth of
the warmth of the summer sun
for warmth
The children huddled closely together for warmth.

2. friendliness and happiness
warmth of
the warmth of her smile

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I. a fairly high temperature
ADJ. comfortable, delicious, enveloping, glowing, pleasant, seductive, welcome He moved towards the seductive warmth of the fire.
gentle the gentle warmth of the autumn sun
bodily, body This clothing maintains your body warmth.
VERB + WARMTH feel She could feel the warmth of the child's hand in her own.
bask in, enjoy, revel in We lay on the beach, basking in the warmth of the hot sun.
add (figurative) Autumn colours add warmth to a room.
WARMTH + VERB spread She sat by the fire and felt the warmth spread through her body.
PREP. for ~ They found the children huddled together for warmth.
~ from warmth from the radiator

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II. friendliness or kindness
ADJ. genuine, real | friendly | human, personal She seems to be a person without human warmth.
VERB + WARMTH exude, radiate, show a person who radiates warmth and kindness
be lacking in, lack

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